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QSL Information Pages - USA (USA) - Part 23

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9629091 km2
278058900 inhabitants
capital : Washington

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 4,762, FM 5,542, shortwave 18 (1998)

(excl. Alaska & Hawaii)
(Northern America)

Last update for this page :
Montag, 02. Mai 2011

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from the USA - Part 23

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  1. Domestic

Domestic Stations

WPGU Index USA Index America North

IL 107.1 WPGU Urbana v/l + stix + profile in 13d. v/s: Mark Garrett, CE M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-09 Sep 02
WPGU 107.1 MHz, Urbana-Champaign, IL. F/F prepared U of Illinois postcard in 3 weeks for ms. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2005-01 Jan 05

WPGW Index USA Index America North

IN 1440 WPGW Portland Xmas card, hand written v/l, station info, c/ map 7d. v/s: Eric Kaderly M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Dez 04

WPGY Index USA Index America North

GA 1560 WPGY Ellijay confirmation on rpt in 16d after f/u #2. v/s Illegible. G.Myers-FL-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-08 Aug 03

WPHB Index USA Index America North

PA 1260 WPHB Philipsburg v/l in 124d. v/s:C.J. Daniels, Program Director E.Berger-MI-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-06 Jun 02
PA 1260 WPHB Philipsburg hand written v/l on wide rule notebook paper 107d. v/s: C.J. Daniels, Program/Technical Director M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-08 Aug 03

WPHG Index USA Index America North

I just received a nice (oversized) QSL card from WPHG-1620-ATMORE AL. So if you haven't sent a report, I thought I would pass on the word. They do QSL. Need an address, let me know. P.Martin-OR-USA AMDX 3-48 Feb 98
WPHG 1620 kHz 16d. folder n / d v/s : John + Luvim Mathis, Betty Freeman, Kevin Bryant, Keith Hammond, all at Maranatha Ministiies (in Confirmed, DXer NRC DX News, Vol. 65, n. 23) M.Brooker-ON-CAN Play-DX 0986 Jun 98
WPHG 1620 Atmore, AL. Freq. only large " Thank You " card with station info in 97 days from v/s John & Luvirn Mathis, Betty Freeman, Kevin Bryant and Kieth Hammond for ms. M.Delmage-AB-CAN CIDX 1998-09 Sep 98
1620 WPHG Atmore AL in 142 days from John Mathis. No Return Postage was sent. Address : 805 N.Main Str, Atmore AL 36502 V.Stevens-AFS HCDX-ML Feb 99
WPHG 1620 kHz Atmore v/s : John Mathis, president (NRC, DX-News, Vol. 66, n. 8, nov. 98, USA) J.D.Stephens-AL-USA Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
WPHG 1620 kHz 30d. NO IRC (Naswa, nov. 98) S.Barto-USA Play-DX 1014 Feb 99
WPHG Atmore, AL, 1620 kHz bestätigte mit einer großformatigen Tintendrucker-Karte. Laufzeit : 15 Tage nach follow-up, Total 5 Monate. M.Elbe-D direct to QIP Apr 99
WPHG 1620 kHz QSL card n / d 'Thank you' QTH : 805 Northmain St. Almore, AL 36502 (hrd on taped cassette) C.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1023 Apr 99
1620 WPHG Atmore, Alabama. Partial data station card received from John and Luvirn Mathis in 4 Months after Follow-up report. Sent USA mint stamps which were used. I sent a PFC, but they didn't fill it in and return it ? ? ? WPHG AM 1620, 805 North Main St., Atmore, Alabama, 36502 R.S.Ross-ON-CAN AMDX 5-07 Mai 99
1620 kHz, Atmore AL 06:45 19.12.98 11.05.99 143 days, QSL : kort v/s : John Mathis m fl G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Mai 99
WPHG Atmore, AL 1620 qsl-card., Takket være X-båndet renner det inn nye stater ! O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-06 Jun 99
WPHG 1620 kHz n / d thank you card 120d. sent 1 US $ + italian radio stickers QTH : 805 North Main Street, Atmore, AL 36502. G.Bellabarba-I Play-DX 1033 Aug 99
WPHG 1620 kHz card in 31d. for mint stamp QTH : 805 North Main St., Atmore, AL 36502. C.Rooms-G Play-DX 1037 Sep 99
WPHG Atmore, AL 1620 card 100d. R.Torvik-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-08 Okt 99
WPHG : My no data QSL was from 5 Feb. 1998 bx. Not very recent. C.P.Crawford-USA HCDX-ML Apr 00
WPHG : Got a two page PC-printout from them in January 2000. " Veri-signers " John & Luvirn Mathis, Ed Lewis, Betty Freeman, Kevin Bryant, Linda Bryant and all the folks at Marranatha Ministries. E-mail : wphg[ät] H.Sundman-FIN HCDX-ML Apr 00
WPHG : Yes, received a printed form letter on the 3rd of February this year K.Larsson-S HCDX-ML Apr 00

WPHM Index USA Index America North

WPHM Port Huron MI 1380 10 months A.Bue-NOR Norwegian DX News Feb 98
WPHM Port Huron MI 1380 ste., v/s Erick Hanson O.Forr-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-10 Dez 98
MI 1380 WPHM Port Huron v/l 5d. v/s: Sean Richardson M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-08 Aug 03
WPHM Port Huron MI 1380 e-post; v/s Paul Miller, PD J.Alvestad-NOR Norwegian DX News 2006-01 Jan 06

WPHT Index USA Index America North

WPHT Philadelphia PA 1210. T.B.Vik-NOR Norwegian DX News Jan 97
1210 WPHT PA, PHILIDELPHIA, QSL cd & letter w / key chain in 21d for taped tentative report. v/s Sam A. Virgillo-Tech. Address : City Avenue & Monument Rd, Philidelphia PA 19131. Haven't hrd this since it was WCAU years ago ! Sent two QSLs cards w / photo of the old WCAU in 1950. P.Martin-OR-USA AMDX-NL Feb 99
WPHT Philadelphia PA 1210 card letter pk 33d. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
PA 1210 WPHT Philadelphia F/d card in 37 days for follow-up report and mint stamp (used). v/s:illegible, Technical Supervisor. B.Walker-MI-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-02 Feb 01
PA 1210 WPHT Philadelphia mailed QSL card in 343d. v/s: Dave M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-03 Mrz 03
1210 kHz WPHT, Bala Cynwyd, PA f/d QSL card showing the old WCAU transmitter building from Dave Skalish, CE in 49 days. Also sent "Support Our Troops" car magnet and key chain. J.Pogue-TN-USA direct to QIP Apr 07

WPIG Index USA Index America North

NY 95.7 WPIG Olean v/l 2d after e-mail f/up. v/s: Doug Bushnell,CE (WHDL/WPIG) (3163 NYS Route 417, Olean, NY 14760) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-10 Okt 01
NY WPIG 95.7 Olean, v/l, C-MAP, keyring in 12d. v/s: Doug Bushnell, CE E.Berger-MI-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-10 Okt 03

WPIK Index USA Index America North

FL 102.5 WPIK Summerland Key v/l 13d. v/s: Jerry Parrish, C.E.O. M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-07 Jul 01

WPIN Index USA Index America North

VA 810 WPIN Dublin v/l + schedule + c/map + sign on/off schedule + religious pamphlet in 51d. v/s: Matt Rogers, PD M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-01 Jan 01


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