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CRW - Clandestine Radio Watch

a 'twice-a-month' summary about recent Clandestine Radio and Clandestine Radio related activities

Clandestine Radio Watch

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Samstag, 29. Februar 2020

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Clandestine Radio
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Latest issues of CRW :

CRW 239 (Sep 30, 2007)
CRW 238 (Sep 15, 2007)
CRW 237 (Aug 31, 2007)
CRW 236 (Aug 15, 2007)

Archives of older CRW issues
(incl. zip files for each year) :

CRW Archive at
Relaunched on Jan 20, 2004

Clandestine Radio
Broadcasting Schedules :

CR - All regions - All stations
Updated on Dec 4, 2006
by Eike Bierwirth-D/José Miguel Romero-E

"Non-official" broadcasts via relays A04
Updated on June 26, 2004,
edited by Silvain Domen-BEL

Afghanistan Inside : Radio & TV
Udated on Jun 5, 2003
edited by Dave Stanley-AFG

Cla.-Radio & TV via Satellite
Updated on May 6, 2003
edited by Z.Liangas-GRC

Kurdistan/ME SW Target List
Updated on Jan 6, 2002
edited by Dan Henderson-USA

Somalia SW Target List
Updated on Jan 6, 2002
edited by Dan Henderson-USA

CRW's QSL-card Gallery

New in the gallery :
West Africa Dem Radio (first)

Please do submit pictures
of your Clandestine Radio 
qsl-cards and qsl-letters 
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Clandestine Radio
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CRC and CRW in the Press
Updated on Oct 2, 2005

CRW Mailing List :
If you do want to get CRW two or more times a month free of charge via E-mail (as a txt-file) please fill in your e-mail and please also send me a short personal mail with your name and location !
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CRW - Info : CRW is both not-for-profit and non-partisan. But we welcome your interest, input and queries. Contributions, input and support, logs, QSL verification info, as well as background material can be sent to us. CRW issues may also contain parts in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German or Portuguese.
CRW - Aims : Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) is a 'twice-a-month' summary which centralizes the latest news and developments affecting the study of clandestine radio in an easy-to-read format. CRW is intended as an archive of own and elsewhere published Clandestine Radio related news.
CRW - Publication : Distribution via the CRW mailing list at
Editions are published on the CRW web site
The access to CRW and its archives is free.
CRW - Schedule : two or three times a month Extra editions are published inbetwheen when needed.
CRW - History : The concept of CRW has been developed in spring 1998 by Nick Grace C. upon a suggestion from Martin Schöch. CRW started on April 2, 1998 with an exclusive, it was the first magazine to publish the address of Ethiopian clandestine Rainbow Radio.
CRW - Team : Editor-in-Chief CRW Martin Schöch (Eisenach, East-Germany) (Profile)
  [GCW] Richard Lafayette (Stillwater, Minnesota) (Profile)
  [CRC] Nick Grace C. (Washington, USA) (Profile)
  correspondent  Robertas Petraitis (ex Klaipeda, Lithuania) (Profile)
  correspondent  Takuya Hirayama (Tokyo, Japan) (Profile)
CRW - Address : E-mail :
  Web-page :
  Surface mail : Martin Schöch
Postfach 101145
99801 Eisenach
Deutschland / Germany
CRW, CRC, GCW : CRW is the newsletter for (, the largest web-site about Clandestine Radio, edited by Nick Grace C.. CRW and CRC are two independent hobby ventures but work very close together. The editors may stand in for each other.
A third, new part is Global Crisis Watch GCW, produced and presented by Richard Lafayette. GCW is a weekly podcast.

drawing from radio magazine, 'edited' by Matthias Kropf


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