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QSL Information Pages - USA (USA) - Part 30

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9629091 km2
278058900 inhabitants
capital : Washington

Radio broadcast stations :
AM 4,762, FM 5,542, shortwave 18 (1998)

(excl. Alaska & Hawaii)
(Northern America)

Last update for this page :
Dienstag, 03. Mai 2011

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QSL-Information for broadcast-radio stations from the USA - Part 30

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  1. External
  2. R Aap ki Dunyaa
  3. Vo America
  5. FM Translators
  6. K206AJ
  7. K211DP
  8. K214CO
  9. K294AJ
  10. W1710NRC
  11. W202AW
  12. W203AA
  13. W213AJ
  14. W215AX
  15. W215BS
  16. W219BT
  17. W220AI
  18. W220BP
  19. W220DM
  20. W221AR
  21. W237AT
  22. W244BM
  23. W245AY
  24. W264AK

External Service

R Aap ki Dunyaa Index USA Index America North

Aus Washington DC 20547 USA habe ich nach 35 Tagen Laufzeit eine Thomas Jefferson Monument- Radio Aap ki Dunyaa (VoA) QSL- Karte erhalten. Daten dazu: We are pleased to confirm your reception. Date.. UTC Time 14. 00- 14. 30. Frequency: 15255 kHz (Iranawila) SITE: Radio Aap ki Dunyaa. (Enclosed you will find a QSL card in response to your reception report as well as an IBB programm guide. We have also included some current IBB stickers.. Bill Torrey. Px war Radio SAWA und Radio Farda like- Mischmasch- Unterhaltungs-Musik. P.Gager-AUT A-DX-ML Jul 04

Vo America Index USA Index America North

Vo America Greenville det. Karte White House 15410 kHz 1600 11.05.89 30 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jun 89
Vo America Delano det. Karte White House 6095 kHz 1100 11.06.89 50 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Jul 89
Vo America Greenville det. Karte Statue of Liberty 17785 kHz 2100 11.07.89 40 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 89
Vo America Greenville det. Karte White House 11895 kHz 0245 11.07.89 40 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 89
Vo America Greenville det. Karte White House 6030 kHz 1100 11.09.89 37 Tage D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Okt 89
Vo America Bethany det. Karte Capitol 17800 kHz 2000 10.11.89 83 Tage, heard in Puerta Plata D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Feb 90
VoA Bethany 17800 kHz, det. qsl-card with transmitter site in 30 days R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Feb 90
VoA Greenville 17785 kHz, det. qsl-card with transmitter site in 30 days R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Feb 90
VoA, Bethany 13.11.1994 18:00 - 18:15 UTC 17800 kHz QSL: 15. Feb. 95 Sonder-QSL für die letzten Sendungen über Bethany M.Bauer-D direct to QIP Feb 95
VOA 15205 qsl-card no r.postage 35 days. F.Pangrazi-I WDXC QSL Report Jan 96
VOA 6130 13740 qsl-cards no r.postage 100 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Jan 96
VOA Greenville NC7405 qsl-card no r.postage 123 days N.Rudnev-RUS WDXC QSL Report Jan 96
VOA with a sticker at the right part of the letter with the following text : We areplease to confirm your reception of the VOA in Oct 26 1995 at 0001 UTC Freq : 9480 via CANOT VERIFY (!) transmission was in spanish and it was receved in 14.12.95 Z.Liangas-GRC Webpage Jan 96
VOA 9575 17725 qsl-card no r.postage 95 133 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Apr 96
VOA 7405 19379 qsl-card 1 IRC 27 days. E.M.Waqson-CAN WDXC QSL Report Jun 96
VOA 7300 9565 qsl-card no r.postage 78 19 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Okt 96
Received QSL from VOA Greenville TXer feeding last transmission made on 27th October, Large QSL folder with habitual full data sticker but no mention to 'Last day of transmission'. Frequency 6873 kHz USB. J.Garzón-E DX Window 040 Nov 96
6873, VOA Greenville verified special VOA Europe broadcast with same full data sticker missing -VOA Europe- reference as VOA Morocco in 23 days. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA Cumbre DX 123 Jan 97
VOA Greenville (Nordx) 5980 card schedule linjal 36 days. T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News Jan 97
VOA Delano, CA (13740 kHz) -River rafting in NE Colorado card in 20 days. E.Bueneman-MO-USA TFW Jan 97
VOA verified special New Year's eve -VOA Europe- broadcast with full data stickers attached to beautiful picture postcards in 23 days. 7185 (Morocco) / 6873 (Greenville). Unfortunately, the stickers to not make reference to the broadcast as -VOA Europe- although a separate promotional VOA Europe was received. A little disappointing that a special effort was undertaken and the verification was missing one significant word, -Europe-, after VOA. (EDXP #40) R.D'Angelo-PA-USA TFW Jan 97
V. O. America 9510 19d f/d card, sked, cal. M.Mitsuaki-J Cumbre DX 134 Apr 97
12040 VOA via Philippines handover of Hong Kong to China full data QSL card in 20 days but wrote -via : cannot verify- G.Szucs-HNG Cumbre DX 148 Jul 97
VOA Greenville 12025 card information sticker 29 days. T.-H.Ekblom-DNK Norwegian DX News Feb 98
VoA Greenville 15365, f /d " New York-Niagara Falls " card, calendar and pennant in 37 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-06 Jun 98
ERT 11730 and 17745, f /d " House of Parliament " card and schedule in 32 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-07 Jul 98
VoA 9565, f /d " Greenville Transmitter Site " card, sticker, pennant and VoA Guide in 19 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-07 Jul 98
VOA Delano relay 9770 kHz Full data card and sticker, " VOA Guide ", in 18 days. (No.18) T.Kanai-J Japan Premium Aug 98
VOA 9670 qsl-card no r.postage 47 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Aug 98
VOA Greenville / 7365 kHz, 17 days, det. qsl-card, VOA Guide Fax-RR. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
VOA / 15205 kHz, 28 days, K, VoAGuide, Sticker. M.Martin-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
VoA 9700, f /d " New York City " card in 3 weeks. (Stewart, AUS) ?.Stewart-AUS CIDX 1998-12 Dez 98
VoA Greenville 15580, f /d " VoA Building " card, sticker and VoA Guide in 97 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1998-12 Dez 98
Die Voice of Amerika bestätigte den RR über eine Sondersendung via Merlin auf 9915 kHz nach 57 Tagen mit detaillierter QSL-Karte, Rp ist nicht notig. Adresse : VOA, 330 Independence Ave S.W., Washington, D.C. 20547, QSL-desk, Room G759, USA. E.Röscher-D Eastside DX 04 Dez 98
VOA 9590 qsl-card schedule 2 month. T.H.Hesjadalen-NOR Norwegian DX News 1998-10 Dez 98
VOA for reception report of 15 Dec. 98 at 0106 on 13200. Large 5 1 / 2 " x 8 " card with a picture of a large turkey on a float in a Thanksgiving Day parade. S.Baca-NM-USA Cumbre DX 231 Feb 99
VOA Greenville NC 6130 qsl-card, no ret. postage, - - days. S.M.Kolesov-UKR WDXC QSL Report Feb 99
VOA 17895 kHz, card, rp : no, 34 days. F.Pangrazi-I WDXC QSL Report Mrz 99
VoA Greenville 15580, f /d " Valley Tribal Park Arizona " card, VoA Guide and calendar in 84 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1999-05 Mai 99
VoA via Greenville 9445, f /d " National Archives " card in 93 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 1999-06 Jun 99
VOA Greenville ---- E 13750 44 days, Det. K., Sendeplan, Broschüre. P.E.Boeck-D RMRC-D Webpage Jun 99
VOA 15150 kHz June 5 English Full date QSL card without signature. Received in 29 days for an E-mail report. (No.63) S.Arai-J Japan Premium 1999-07 Jul 99
VoA Greenville 5980 card 56d. T.Nielsen-NOR Norwegian DX News 1999-10 Dez 99
15350, Voice of America, International Broadcasting Bureau, Delano Relay Station, 11015 Melcher Road, CA 93215. Tarjeta QSL especial con foto del centro emisor en Delano. Contesto en 23 dias. M.A.Cornachioni-ARG Conexion Digital 036 Jan 00
Voice of America 15120 kHz, f/d card, 8/20/94, v/s : John Vodenik "Sunrise @ Greenville" card, site : Delano, California J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
Voice of America 6873 LSB (feeder) f/d card, 1/2/95, v/s : John Vodenik "Sunrise @ Greenville" card, site : Greenville, North Carolina J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
Voice of America 7405 kHz, f/d card, 8/20/94, v/s : John Vodenik "Sunrise @ Greenville" card, site : Greenville, North Carolina J.Dybka-TX-USA Webpage Jan 00
15265 Voz de Amercia, Washington DC 20547. Tarjeta QSL en 110 dias. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Conexion Digital 043 Feb 00
15350 Voz de America, Poppele Transmitting Station, 11015 Melcher Road, Delano, California 93215. QSL enviada directamente desde la estacion retransmisora en 65 dias. A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 045 Mrz 00
VoAmerica - 13640 - det. Karte, program guide, Wandkalender, 39 Tage M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Mrz 00
VOA Greenville / div. kHz, 44-58 days, detailed qsl-card, Sticker, PG. diverse-D ADDX 2000-07 Apr 00
VoA Delano 17890, f /d " U.S. Capitol " card, VoA Guide, Calendar and schedule in 60 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2000-05 Mai 00
VOA / 13640 kHz, 30 days, detailed qsl-card, prog.-guide, Kalender. M.Grallert-D ADDX 2000-12 Jun 00
9515 kHz, VOA, Tarjeta QSL, VOA Guide. Contestó en 30 días. H.E.Colacce-URG Conexion Digital 078 Okt 00
VOA QSL-desk verschickt neue QSL-Motive mit Abbildungen von Relaisstationen, u.a. PHL und MRC. J.Adolph-D Eastside DX 12 Nov 00
The following message is the complete response from Kim Elliott at VOA Regarding the "Cannot Verify" note I received regarding the special VOA Presidential Inauguration broadcast: Dear Lee: Thanks for your e-mail. VOA audience mail employees answer the reception reports. They use a printed list of frequencies which does not include special transmissions, such as for the inauguration. Because 21735 was not on their list, they wrote the usual "cannot verify." I confirm your reception of the Voice of America, January 20, 2001, 1600-1720 UTC, 21735 kHz, via Delano. (via Silvi) K.A.Elliot-USA Cumbre DX 338 Mrz 01
9760 Voice of America f/d QSL card and VOA 2001 Calendar received in in 40 days in response to my email Reception Report. H.M.Kim-KOR Cumbre DX 340 Mrz 01
15350 - Voice of America - Delano-USA - Cartão QSL com foto dos Transmissores de Saipan, adesivo e revista "VOA Guide" - 92 dias. v/s: ilegível. QTH : Washington, DC 20237-USA. J.Moura dos Santos-SP-B DXCB 2001-03 Mrz 01
VOA, 1/20/2001 broadcast (via Delano?) : I listened to the Presidential Inauguration and sent a report to VOA for 21735kHz from 1600-1720 UTC. Today I received a QSL card from them listing date, time, frequency, and "Cannot verify" written on the card !! Interesting since I logged them with SINPO = 55555 on a Sony portable with a piece of wire hanging on the antenna! Does VOA use a private contractor to handle QSLs? If so, I assume the contractor did not have this special broadcast on their list? L.Silvi-OH-USA HCDX-ML Mrz 01
6095 Voice of America f/d QSL card showing Transmitting Station in Morocco and VOA 2001 Calendar received in in 34 days in response to my email Reception Report. H.M.Kim-KOR Cumbre DX 342 Apr 01
VoA via Delano 17640 kHz, F/D "Saipan Relay Station" card, VoA Guide and calendar in 30 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2001-05 Mai 01
7405 VOA Delano transmitting station, full detail card in 10 months for mail report and US$1. V/s Glenn Ricketson, K8GR. R.Lam-SNG Cumbre DX 346 Mai 01
5985 VOA, Delano Relay Transmitter, Poppele Transmitting Station, 11015 Melcher Road, Delano, California 93215. Tarjeta QSL -que muestra una vista de la planta transmisora- con datos completos enviada directamente desde el propio centro transmisor. v/s Glenn Ruckelson-K8GR- Dias ??? ed A.L.Slaen-ARG Conexion Digital 111 Jun 01
17640 VOA via Delano f/d 'Dishes at VOA Saipan Relay' w/ VOA Guide/calendar in 30 days M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2001-05 Jun 01
Vo America/Delano CA 15350 k rpt-ret 14m. Direktesvar. v/s Glenn, K8GR. K.-E.Stridh-S Norwegian DX News 2001-05 Aug 01
VoA Greenville 15350, 15580 and 17895 kHz, F/D "Waikiki Beach" card in 75 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2001-09 Sep 01
15240 kHz. VOA, Washington DC 20237. Tarjeta QSL con ilustración del parque de antenas en Santo Tomé. Informe enviado a la Estación de Retransmisión de la VOA en Santo Tomé, con respuesta directa desde Washington. Esquema de emisiones de la VOA, calcomanía. Respondió en 45 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 122 Sep 01
Die VOA schickte nach ca. 30 Tagen det. QSL-Karten mit Motiven der Relaisstationer Sao Tome, Marokko, Thailand und Greenville. RRs unbedingt an QSL-desk, Room G759 schicken. S.-P.Liehr-D & J.Adolph-D Eastside DX 15 Sep 01
VoA Delano 17705 k 17d. v/s John Vodenik T.-H.Ekblom-DNK Norwegian DX News 2001-06 Sep 01
IBB Delano, 15330, f/d card, VOA sked, info, direct after 15 days for e-mail report to: (John Vodenik). Mailing addr.: Poppele Transmitting station, Voice of America, 11015 Melcher Road, Delano CA 93215, USA H.-D.Buschau-D direct to QIP Okt 01
13790 - VOA - Greenville-USA - Cartão QSL - 50 dias. v/s: Betty Endara e Luis Cabrera. QTH : Washington, DC 20237 - USA. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B DXCB 2001-10 Okt 01
VOA Delano 11750 kHz, f/d card, rp : no, 454 days. N.Borovenski-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 01
VoA/Delano CA 13740 k 207d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01
VoA/Greenville NC 9775 k 212d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2001-08 Dez 01
15160 VOA full data 'antenna' card in 5 weeks. R.Roussel-NB-CAN ODXA 2001-12 Dez 01
Voice of America - USB - 18275 - det. QSL, calendar 2001, 32 days M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jan 02
13715 - Voice of America - Greenville-USA - Cartão QSL, carta, lápis, caneta e adesivo - 80 dias. V/S: Luís Cabrera. QTH: Washington, DC 20237 - USA. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B DXCB 2002-01 Jan 02
21485 - Voice of America - Greenville-USA - Cartão QSL e carta - 80 dias. V/S: L. Cabrera. QTH: Washington, DC 20237 - USA. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B DXCB 2002-01 Jan 02
VOA Delano Relay 9350 kHz, F/D Sunset card received in 25 days from v/s John Vodenik. This for the special side band broadcast for the Japan Shortwave Club Anniversary. W.Smith-NB-CAN CIDX 2002-05 Mai 02
VOA Delano, 9350, Full data card in 24 days by Air mail for EG report sent by Air mail with an IRC postage. v/s Illregible. An IRC was sent back. K.Watanabe-J Japan Premium 210 Mai 02
VoA Delano e-m 9350 qsl-card - (v/s John Vodenik) J.Berg-MA-USA BDXC-UK 2002-06 Jun 02
VoA Delano / 13740 kHz, 58 Tage, Spezial QSL-Karte; v/s John Vodenik. M.Arndt-D ADDX 2002-18 Sep 02
La Voz de America. Washington DC 20237. 2 tarjetas QSL con datos completos pero sin firmar, una muestra la estación retransmisora de Marruecos, y la otra, antenas de satélite en Saipán. Envío de un calendario de pared 2003-2004 con pinturas del museo de Washington. Demoró 269 días. E.Hernandez-MEX Conexion Digital 196 Feb 03
R. A Voz da América, 4409 Cohen Building, Washington, D.C. 20237, USA Somente um envelope tamanho A4 contendo duas folhinhas 2003 da VOA. As folhinhas são reproduções de obras de pintura á óleo From Washington, D.C., Museums, impressão que alta qualidade em papel excelente, acartonado - Não acompanhou mais nada, nem uma carta. E os meus Informes de recepção... Mais de um já enviados ... ...nem sinal. Porém verificando o custo unidade de uma folhinha destas (me mandaram duas iguais) e também o custo da (muito pesada) remessa (First Class - Air Mail - U.S.Postage - Par Avion) me leva a pensar que está muito estranho este negócio deles não enviarem QSL. Não acham ? Contenção de despesas não se justifica depois de uma remessa desta. A.Marques de Azevedo-MG-B Conexion Digital 202 Mrz 03
17705 & 17565 VOA via Delano. Full data 'Athens' Card in 26 days M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2003-04 Apr 03
Voice of America 9575 kHz, F/D "Sao Tome" card with schedule, mouse pad and pocket-atlas in seven weeks. D.Gauvin-NB-CAN CIDX 2003-01 Dez 03
I have successfully used the address "letters at" for reception reports which resulted in several QSLs from VOA over the past year. Since I am in the USA and clearly not their target audience, I presume that this will work for overseas listeners even more so. All reports sent to that address were answered in farily short time frames. D.L.Srebnick-NJ-USA direct to QIP Dez 03
13790, VOA-Delano: John Vodenik sent a new "antenna" card for rpt on VOA xmsn from Delano. Full-data is typed on back. It's up on DXplorer Sight & Sound. Send rpts to: Mr. John Vodenik, Delano Transmitting Station, 11015 Melcher Road, Delano, CA 93215, USA. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 04
VoA no ret.-postage, 6130 kHz, f/dc 20 days, (heard on holiday in Mexico) (sent cal. mouse pad, desk pad) P.Gager-AUT BDXC-UK 2004-02 Feb 04
21485 kHz. VOA, Washington DC 20237. Tarjeta QSL, revista, un pad para el mouse de la PC. Confirmo en 85 dias. J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B Atividade DX 226 Nov 04
Voice of America, 11.890 and 11.990 kHz, broadcasts in Spanish to South America, confirmed two reception reports (from February 2006) with the QSL Sunset at Edward R. Murrow Transmiting Station in 67 days. (Listened in Puerto Montt, South of Chile) Also send programme schedule and calendar. E.Peñailillo-CHL direct to QIP Apr 06
VOICE OF AMERICA (VOA). TARJETA QSL / QSL CARD. Date/ Fecha: 18- 04 - 2006. Tour/ Hora: 19.00 UTC. Frequency: 15580 kHz. Grenville , NC Tx Site. VRS/ no. C.Pérez Dioses-PRU Conexion Digital 380 Aug 06
Voz de América, 11.815 y 9.560 kHz, confirmó dos informes de recepción de abril y mayo de 2006 con su QSL "Sunrise at the Voice of America's Edward R. Murrow Transmiting Station". QSL no indica nombre. También enviaron calendario 2006 y esquema de programación. Confirmado en 97 días. E.Peñailillo-CHL direct to QIP Aug 06
VOA Greenville, 9575. Sunrise at Greenville. Details sans relay are typed onto a sticker which is then placed onto the card. Verified a report sent to in July. Card + schedule and 2006 calendar received in two months. J.Pukila-ON-CAN direct to QIP Sep 06
VoA / 15580 kHz, 66 Tage, det. K, PG, Schreibblock C.Preutenborbeck-D ADDX 2006-10 Okt 06
Heute kam mit der Post ein DIN A-4 Umschlag von der VOA Ein Programm Guide May-November 2006 Ein Aufkleber und die QSL für Delano gehört hatte ich das Special Englisch um 0130-0200 UTC auf 13740 Das Motiv ist aus der Klamottenkiste VOA 50 Years of Broadcasting aus dem Jahr 1992 Aber egal QSL ist QSL auch bevor Delano zugemacht wird denn Westküste der USA ist gar nicht so einfach zu empfangen D.Knust-D A-DX-ML Okt 06
Heute morgen in der Post: Voice of America mit Programmheft, Aufkleber und QSL-Bestätigung über 4940 kHz aus Sao Tomé und Principe (als Motiv ein Arbeiter an den Vorhangantennen der VoA in Thailand). R.Schuttkowski-D A-DX-ML Okt 06
VoA / 17895 kHz, 51 Tage, det. K, Sticker, PG C.Preutenborbeck-D ADDX 2007-02 Feb 07
9560 VOA via Delano. F/d 'Xmitter in Morocco' cd, w/ calendar, in 450 days M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2007-02 Feb 07
VOA, 11655. Transmitters at Bethany Relay card. Card + schedule and 2007 calendar received in ten weeks. J.Pukila-ON-CAN direct to QIP Feb 07
VoA / 15580 kHz, 24 Tage, detaillierte Karte, Sticker, Kalender C.Preutenborbeck-D ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07
VoA / 17715 kHz, 55 Tage, detaillierte Karte, Kalender S.Arndt-D ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07
7405 kHz - Voice of America, Greenville. Recebido: cartão QSL. 101 dias. V/S: ?. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail: R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 425 Jun 07
6000 kHz - Voice of America, Greenville. Recebido cartão QSL. 44 dias. V/S: ?. Informe de recepção enviado por e-mail: R.Walter Grimm-SP-B ConDig 425 Jun 07
Today I received a card from VOA Greenville. After 35 years of DXing I finally verified them. Better late than never (I missed verifying VOA Dixon). M.Foltz-CA-USA ABDX-ML Jul 07
Station: - Voice of America. Date: - 23-08-2007. Frequency: - 15105 kHz. Time: - 1500 UTC. Language: - English. Description: - Shortwave Radio Transmitting antennas at the International Broadcasting Bureau Transmitting Station, in Delano, California. M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Sep 07
Station: - Voice of America. Date: - 12-08-2007. Frequency: - 15580 kHz. Time: - 0600 UTC. Language: - English. Description: - These Crosley transmitters served the Voice of America from 1942 to 1989 at the VOA Bethany, Ohio relay station, delivering news and information to listeners around the globe. These have been replaced with new, state-of-the art Brown Boveri transmitters M.Kumar-IND direct to QIP Okt 07
9825 Radio Voz da América, Greenville, USA. QSL. 49 dias – QSL Calendário e adesivo V/S: Mercedes Antezana QTH: 330 Independece Ave, Washington DC 20547 Estados Unidos. L.dos Santos Nascimento-MG-B radioescutas-ML Jul 09

FM Translators :

K206AJ Index USA Index America North

WY 89.1 K206AJ Sinclair v/l 14d. v/s: Larry Dean, Coordinator of Radio Eng. (Wyoming Public Radio) M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Jun 05

K211DP Index USA Index America North

NE 90.1 K211DP Ames v/l 67d f/up. v/s: Gary Hofer, Asst Mgr (KJLT AM/FM) M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Jan 10

K214CO Index USA Index America North

CO 90.7 K214CO Lamar folding card v/l 10d. v/s: Chuck Springer (High Plains Public Radio) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-07 Jul 02

K294AJ Index USA Index America North

K294AJ 106.7 MHz Durango, CO. Freq only verie letter for this translator of KDAG Farmington, NM, as well as stickers, from Jim Burt, CE, in 26 days for ms. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 2000-10 Okt 00

W1710NRC Index USA Index America North

?? 1710 W1710NRC (Location unknown) QSL card in 61 days. v/s: Hayward U. Buzzoff, Director of Engineering; card mentions it broadcast with one watt! E.Berger-MI-USA DX-MidAmerica 2004-12 Dez 04

W202AW Index USA Index America North

OH 88.3 W202AW Sandusky v/l + bus. card + pamphlet in 21d. v/s: Mark A. Andrews,Mgr (WYFG) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-06 Jun 01

W203AA Index USA Index America North

OH 88.5 W203AA Berlin v/l + bus. card + schedule in 2d. v/s: Doug Hainer, CE (WCRF) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2000-08 Aug 00

W213AJ Index USA Index America North

OH 90.5 W213AJ New Philadelphia v/l 94d. v/s: Dick Lee, WCRF Mgr M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2005-03 Mrz 05

W215AX Index USA Index America North

OH 90.9 W215AX Carrollton v/note on letter w/ tech. info on it in 186d. (Same letter as WVMN) v/s: Doug Hainer, CE M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2002-02 Feb 02

W215BS Index USA Index America North

OH 90.9 W215BS Hinckley v/l, stix 64d. v/s: Sam Wallington, Dir. of Eng. (Rocklin CA) M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Jun 07

W219BT Index USA Index America North

OH 91.7 W219BT Wadsworth v/l + stix in 17d. v/s: Sam Wallington-Dir. of Technical Services, K-Love Network M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-02 Feb 01

Index USA Index America North

PA 91.9 W220AI Meadville v/l 193d after f/up. v/s: Richard Lee,Mgr (WCRF) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-04 Apr 03

Index USA Index America North

OH 91.9 W220BP Wooster v/l + 2 pamplets + newsletter in 18d. v/s: Mark Andrews,Mgr (WYFG) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-midAMerica 2001-08 Aug 01

W220DM Index USA Index America North

OH 91.9 W220DM Parma v/l, 2 stix 11d. v/s: Sam Wallington, Dir. of Eng. (EMF Rocklin CA) M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Okt 07

W221AR Index USA Index America North

OH 92.1 W221AR Coshocton v/l 193d. v/s: Richard Lee,Mgr (WCRF) M.Procop-OH-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-04 Apr 03

W237AT Index USA Index America North

W237AT 95.3 MHz, Richmond, IN. F/D verie letter in 6 weeks (after f/up phone call) from v/s Eric Johnson, Assistant Manager, CDR Radio Network in Cedarville, OH, for ms. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2004-03 Mrz 04

W244BM Index USA Index America North

FL 96.7 W244BM (WFSU translator) Eastpoint v/l in 9d. v/s:Andy Hanus, DoE. 250 watts! G.D.Myers-FL-USA DX-MidAmerica 2005-05 Mai 05

W245AY Index USA Index America North

FL 96.9 W245AY Palm Springs v/l 10d. v/s: Jim Johnson (WWRF) M.Procop-OH-USA AMFMTVDX-ML Aug 08

W264AK Index USA Index America North

OH 100.7 W264AK Toledo, v/l in 10d after second followup. v/s:Banner Kidd, Station Manager. 38w. E.Berger-MI-USA DX-MidAmerica 2003-12 Dez 03

W277AH Index USA Index America North

W277AH 103.3 MHz, Dover, DE and WFSI 107.9 MHz, Annapolis, MD. F/D verie letter in 12 days from v/s William A. Sadlier, Regional Manager, N.E. Region, Family Stations, Inc., for ms. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2004-01 Jan 04


Relayed Stations or Programs

Adventist World R (USA) Index USA Index America North

AWR Indianapolis / 6480 kHz, 94 days, special-QSL '200 DX Report' time indicator, Sticker, program guide. T.Brandenburg-D ADDX 1998-21 Nov 98
AWR 9925 qsl-card, no ret. postage, 134 days A.Baransky-UKR WDXC QSL Report Jan 99
AWR via WWCR 5070 5085 qsl-card, no ret. postage, 43 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Feb 99
AWR Indianapolis / div. kHz 117 days days Contest QSL px-schedule / $. T.Brandenburg-D ADDX 1999-06 Mrz 99
AWR via WGTG 6890, f /d " Transmitter site map " card, coverage map, time calculator, report cards and newsletter in 24 days for US $ 1 and report on special Wavescan broadcast on World of Radio. N.Pimblett-AB-CAN CIDX 1999-03 Mrz 99
6040SSB Adventist World Radio special convention program from Toronto. Heard in Flagstaff, Arizona on 9 July 2000 at 1219-1232. SINPO=11221. Commemorative QSL + two AWR stamps + schedule + Year 2000 AWR contest rules received in 32 days in my SASE. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 308 Aug 00
6040, AWR, special Toronto b / c via WHRI, Ditto. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1593 Aug 00
6040, AWR, special Toronto b / c via WHRI, full-data special Toronto card with two radio stamps and a whole bunch of postcards / pennant / sked and a first day (stamp) cover for this special event. v/s Dr. Adrian Peterson. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Numero Uno 1593 Aug 00
AWR via WRMI / 7465 kHz, 136 days, detailed qsl-card, QSL-Sticker. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX 2000-18 Sep 00
6040 AWR via WHRI / Noblesville f/d special BCB from Toronto cd w / radio stamp / schedule / in 36 days v/s Dr. Adrian Peterson M.Humenyk-ON-CAN ODXA 2000-12 Dez 00
AWR Silver Spring, Maryland - Digital Travelling Alarm Clock Multi-Band Receiver (incl. headphones & antenna), problems with German customs, because they've forgotten to put the remark " GIFT " on the package (special gift - no QSL, no frequency) M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jan 01
AWR via WRMI / 7385, 99 days, detailed QSL-card. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX 2001-03 Feb 01
13570 kHz, AWR via Red Lion QSL stamped special QSL, first broadcasts via WINB in 3 mos. Also enclosed personal note about our meeting in Kulpsville, a booklet on AW Mission, the current Current, a pocket calendar and other postcards. V/s Adrian M. Peterson (I think he has 1 or 2 QSLs). J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA DXplorer-ML Feb 04
7385, Adventist World Radio via WMRI verified with a "Celebrating 70th Anniversary of AWR 1923-1993" card with special endorsement sticker for Wavescan 500th Edition, August 1, 2004 in 19 days for a report to the UK. Also included were calendars, sticker and broadcast schedule. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 04
I found a nice QSL from Adventist World Radio for their special broadcast via WRMI/NASB last April(7385 kHz) Full data card stamped with "Special QSL", a nice note from Adrian Peterson, and goodie pack of stickers, postcards and AWR QSl Stamps. J.M.Fisher-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jan 05
7385 Adventist World Radio Special Analog Relay (Radio Monitors Int'l) via Radio Miami Int'l. Full data AWR QSL card (wit site) and Radio Stamp. Also received pocket calendars, blank QSL cards, Drake Calendar, schedule and more Radio Stamps from v/s Adrian Peterson . reply in 9 months, 2 months after e-mail enquirely. One week later, received a similar envelope with a another QSL card. Radio Stamp and AWR Information. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Cumbre DX-ML Feb 05
7385, AWR via WRMI, f/d reproduction of "Radio Monitors Int'l DX Prg via Sri Lanka B/C" QSL card, f/d AWR "Special QSL" card (both w/ site), personal note and a bunch of AWR goodies in 287 days for SASE (used). V/S, Adrian M. Peterson. "Special" QSLs offered for re-airing of vintage "Voice of the Maldives" recording. S.R.Barbour-Jr-NH-USA HCDX-ML Feb 05
Adventist World Radio via Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation via WRMI (Radio Miami International) 7385 kHz, F/D "Radio Monitors International re-printed card" in 43 weeks from v/s Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, DX host, for ms. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2005-05 Mai 05

AFRTS (USA) Index USA Index America North

21570 kHz, Delano CA 03.07.80 14.08.80 42 days, QSL : kort G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Aug 80
AFRTS 12689 kHz, letter, rp : no, 43 days. J.Parker-G WDXC QSL Report Mai 99
Inzwischen sind auch die noch ausstehenden " QSLs " für AFRTS-Sendungen via Hawaii und Key West eingetroffen. Allerdings erscheint es mir seltsam, dass z.B. für Puerto Rico und Key West EINE " email QSL " eintraf, die detaillierte Angaben zum Senderstandort und Senderleistung beinhalteten. Dito für Siginella. Dagegen enthielten die " eQSLs " für Diego Garcia und Hawaii keine derartigen Angaben. M.Reiff-D A-DX-ML Okt 00
12689.5, AFRTS, FL, date & fqy personal (paper) ltr, in 22 wks., v/s Michael Foutch. I'm not sure if Vashek's receipt of paper QSLs for this and Puerto Rico (above) portends the availability of paper replies for the other sites as well. AFRTS has been verifying Puerto Rico and Florida by a paper letter for some time. (JB) V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1600 Okt 00
12689,5 kHz, Key West FL 06:20 26.08.00 05.10.00 40 days, QSL : email v/s : Michael JOC Foutch G.Nilsson-S direct to QIP Okt 00
AFN : Sent copies of E-mails to Michael Foutch, requesting ltr QSLs by postal-mail for rpts already QSLed by E-mail. Rcvd in 3 wks, all sites. J.Berg-MA-USA Numero Uno 1606 Nov 00
AFRS KEY WEST 12689, 5 kHz USB, letter v/s : MICHAEL FOUTCH, Broadcast Operations Specialist (SHORTWAVE BULLETIN N°1439, AUGUST 2000) B.Eriksson-S Play-DX 1088 Nov 00
AFRTS Key West FL 12689,5 b em f/up. K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2000-10 Dez 00
AFRTS Key West 12689,5 b 37d. T.-H.Ekblom-DNK Norwegian DX News 2001-02 Feb 01
10940,5 kHz, 43 Tage, USA, AFRTS (USB) : 1 x IRC // B M.Martin-D Eastside DX 13 Mrz 01
AFRTS Key West / 12689,5 kHz, 105 days, det. pers. letter; v/s Michael Foutch. M.Grallert-D ADDX 2001-12 Jun 01
AFRTS via Key West 12689.5 kHz, P/D verie letter in 10 weeks. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2001-07 Jul 01
AFRTS KEY WEST FLORIDA 12689, 5 E-MAIL TEXT, E-MAIL: V/s: MICHEAL FOUTCH Chief Broadcasting Operations Specialist. N.Reiner-D Play-DX 1120 Aug 01
12689.5 kHz. AFR, Department of Navy, Naval Media Center, Naval District Washington Anacostia Annex, Mobile Detachment TWO, 2713 Mitscher Road SW, Washington DC 20373-5819. Carta QSL con datos de la confirmación y detalles de las transmisiones de AFR (Verificador: April Ball, Broadcast Operations Specialist). Contestó en 30 días. C.Morales-ARG Conexion Digital 122 Sep 01
AFRTS Key West 12689,50 1 US-$ E 104 Tage, B Details : ja. P.Robic-AUT EAWRC 294 Nov 01
AFRTS - USB - 12689.5 - (Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Key West, Florida, 8 KW), - 6458.5 - (Naval Computer and Telecommuni- cations Station, Isabela, Puerto Rico, 10 KW), - 10940.5 (Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily) - 13362 - (Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Guam), det. pers. letter / IRC, sent to AFRTS Broadcast Center, Affiliate Relations Division, 1363 Z Street, Bldg. 2730, March Air Reserve Base, CA 92518-2017 USA - received from Dept. of the Navy, Naval Media Center, Anacostia Annex, 2713 Mitscher Road SW, Washington D.C. 20373-5819, v/s Michael Foutch, Chief Broadcast Operations Specialist, 105 days M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jan 02
AFRTS/Key West FL 12689.5 e-post 7d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-03 Apr 02
AFRTS Key West FL 12689,5 b 52d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-04 Jun 02
AFRTS Key West FL 12689,5 kHz, card letter 182d B.Tandberg-NOR Norwegian DX News 2002-06 Sep 02
AFN Key West 2 IRC 5446.5 kHz, USB card 90 days T.Edge-G BDXC-UK 2005-03 Mrz 05
Recibida QSL de Afrts Key West, FL, que emite en 5446,5. Me han enviado una postal con datos completos y firmada por Robert Winkler. Tardó 15 días a un informe enviado por correo-e a: I.Sotomayor-E Noticias DX-ML Sep 06
AFRTS Key West, 5446,5 kHz, det. card with transmitter site, 6 days, eMail-report to R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Nov 06
7812.5 U Arm Forces Network via Key West.. Full data card in 5 days for a e-mail report to: . v/s: Robert Winkler E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jan 07
7182.5, AFRTS, Key West, FL relay, full data QSL card received in 11 days for report emailed to D.Malloy-MA-USA direct to QIP Feb 07
AFN Key West FL, 7811 kHz full data card with old 7812.5 kHz frequency in 3 days for an email report. M.Foltz-CA-USA ABDX-ML Jun 07
AFRTS Key West / 5446,5 kHz, 6 Tage, detaillierte Karte mit QTH / RR per eMail E.Röscher-D ADDX 2007-06 Jun 07

America's Jukebox Gold Index USA Index America North

America's Jukebox Gold / WWCr 12160 qsl-card no r.postage 35 days, WALN cable, PO Box 1434, Allentown PA 18105, USA. email : walncable[ät] R.Martinez-E WDXC QSL Report Dez 96
America's Jukebox Gold / WWCr 12160 qsl-card no r.postage 42 days, v/s : Brian McKay, 331 Mulberry Street, Catasauqua PA 18032-1827, USA. R.Martinez-E WDXC QSL Report Dez 96

BBC (USA) Index USA Index America North

13640 BBC World service via WHRI Angel One, Cypress Creek Transmitter. Full data ( with site & Program Name) '20 years of short wave Ministry to the World' QSL card. This response in 76 days, from a e-mail report sent both to their web site & E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jun 07

Brother Stair (USA) Index USA Index America North

The Overcomer Ministry / Brother Stair via WWCR, 7465, partial data form letter and schedule in 5 weeks, v/s Brother Stair V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Dez 03
Overcomer Ministry via WWCR 7465 kHz. N/D "personal " form letter from Brother Stair thanking me for reception report. in 2 weeks , for a .37 US Mint stamp. J.Fisher-MA-USA CIDX 2004-02 Feb 04
Brother Stair 5085kHz QSL card, newspaper in 28d for English report by e-mail. K.Hashimoto-J direct to QIP Nov 05
The Overcomer via WWRB, 6890, partial data card, form letter in 4 weeks, v/s Brother Stair. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 06

China R Int (USA) Index USA Index America North

Today I received a card from Radio China International for their broadcast on KCEO-1000 Vista, CA. They listed the frequency and site as San Diego (that's what's on their schedule and that's their target area). They also sent a second card with a note from Ying Lian, English Service. MW #188 and San Diego county #10. I only need 2 more in San Diego county, KSON-1240 San Diego and KKSM-1320 Oceanside. M.Foltz-CA-USA IRCA-ML Mai 08

Christian Media Net (USA) Index USA Index America North

Christian Media Network via WBCQ, 9330 kHz, partial data e-mail verie in 5 weeks, followed up by stacks of religious and promotional material 2 weeks later by air mail; v/s Susan Lenox susan[ät] V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 04

Deutsche Welle (USA) Index USA Index America North

9425 Rádio Deustche Welle - Furman-Noblesville - USA - Recebido QSL full data (mostrando a estação relay de Sines - POR). 12 dias. V/S: Horst Scholz (Transmission Manager). Informe enviado por e-mail: QTH: Deutsche Welle - 50588 - Germany R.Ferraz Pedroso-PR-B radioescutas-ML Aug 09

EDXC Marconi (USA) Index USA Index America North

USA - 5745 kHz, EDXC - Marconi Special via WHRI, full data QSL-card in English (filled in in German), v/s not readable, DX'er information, Information letter about EDXC, in 7 days for a report with 1 USD to EDXC, Special Marconi, Broadcast, C.P. 18120, I-50129 Firenze, Italy M.Schöch-D direct to QIP Dez 01
7385, EDXC-WRMI Marconi Special, B&W card with photo of Marconi Memorial, Poldhu, plus prgm description and sked, on front, full-data on back. In nine days, responding to an E-mail rpt before rcvng the postal version. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 01
QSL- EDXC Marconi - After 1 week I received a b/w full data EDXC-QSL card for their Marconi Special broadcast via WRMI on 9955 kHz and KWHR on 17780 kHz. My reception report was sent by e-mail to the EDXC Florence address. Ciao from the city of "Pandoro", one of the most popular worldwide known italian Christmas cake. S.Tanini-I HCDX-ML Dez 01
EDXC Marconi special : Recebi também a confirmação pelo e-mail.Foi comentado que a minha era a segunda do Brasil e já haviam recebido e-mail da Italia e Usa. Até mais, J.César Baldim Salto-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Dez 01
Confirmada a escuta do Especial do Centenário da primeira transmissão transatlantica efetuada por G. Marconi em 1901, por e-mail atraves de Luigi Cobisi do EDXC. O Cartão QSL será enviado pelo correio normal. A transmissão foi realizada pela R. Miami Internacional e o EDXC, ouvida em 9955 kHz. S.Cássio Martins Santos-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Dez 01
9955 QSL especial de Marconi promovido por Radio Miami y el EDXC (CONSEJO EUROPEO DE DIEXISMO) C.P 18120, 50129 FLORENCIA, ITALIA. Este evento fue confirmado con tarjeta QSL en tan solo 8 dias J.Hernández Madrid-E Lista Conexion Digital-ML Jan 02
EDXC & WRMI - Special broadcast recebido cartao QSL confirmando recepcao na data de 12- 12 -2001 em 9955 kHz as 01:30 UTC. Qsl com foto do memorial Marconi, informe enviado em 14-12-2001 por e-mail. E.Farias-B Radioescutas-ML Jan 02
EDXC : Recebido cartão QSL referente a escuta do programa especial em comemoração ao centenário da primeira transmissão transatlântica realizada por G.Marconi através do EDXC e R. Miami International em 12.12.2001 por 9955 kHz. Em 22 dias. S.Cássio Martins Santos-SP-B Radioescutas-ML Jan 02
WRMI 9955 kHz, F/D "EDXC/WRMI [Marconi] Special QSL" card and EDXC letter in 16 days. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN CIDX 2002-02 Feb 02
9955 European DX Council's Marconi Centennial broadcast via WRMI heard 12 December 2001 at 0130-0200. SINPO=35333. EDXC & WRMI QSL received from Italy in 41 days in response to my mail DX Report + CRI +SETI League brochure. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 385 Feb 02
13760 EDXC/Marconi BCB via WHRI full data card with EDXC Information Letter in 20 days E.Kusalik-AB-CAN DXplorer-ML Feb 02
EDXC Italy sent me a F/D Marconi QSL card, "This was the first report from China out of over 160 recevied from all over the world", as they said. Q.Xiaoli-CHN EDXP-ML Mrz 02
EDXC via WHRA / 17650 kHz, 9 Tage, detail. Sonder-K "100 Jahre Marconi". R.Sonntag-D ADDX 2002-08 Apr 02
WHRI IRC 17650 qsl-card 10. (EDXC Marconi Px) J.Parker-G BDXC-UK 2002-04 Apr 02
9955 - European DX Council - via WRMI - Miami-Hialeah-USA - Cartão QSL, carta (obs.: px especial comemorando 100 anos da 1ª tx transatlântica realizada por Marconi, entre Poldhu, UK e St. John, Terra Nova, CAN em 12/12/1901). Enviado 2 IRC's. V/S: ilegível. QTH: P.O. Box 18120, 50129 Firenze - Itália J.Moacir Portera de Melo-MT-B DXCB 2002-04 Apr 02
European DX Council via Radio Miami International 9955 and 7385 kHz, F/D "Marconia Centennial Broadcast" card in 3 weeks for IRC's. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2002-11 Nov 02
WHRA 17650 k mm. (EDXC-px) K.Norlin-S Norwegian DX News 2002-07 Nov 02

EDXP (USA) Index USA Index America North

QSL's received from the EDXP for March 9th report from WHRI at 0830 UTC on 7315 kHz with a full colour Australian Parrots card, thanks Bob! M.Stevenson-NSW-AUS EDXP-ML Mrz 02
Electronic DX Press via WHRI / 7315 kHz, 12 Tage, det. K / $ P.Gager-AUT ADDX 2005-06 Jun 05
WHRI- EDXP 10th Anniversary card / 9840 kHz, 30 Tage, detailierte Karte / $ P.Gager-AUT ADDX 2006-08 Aug 06

Eternal Good News R (USA) Index USA Index America North

7520 Eternal Good News Radio via WHRI -Angel 1 Transmitter. full data verification letter, including some information about Oklahoma City. Sent schedule with letter, with reply in 17 days. v/s George Bryan. E.Kusalik-ALB-CAN direct to QIP Dez 05

For The People Index USA Index America North

Gelegentlich bittet Chuck Harder (For The People, The Telford Hotel, Three River Street, White Springs, Florida 32096, USA) in seinem mehrstündigen Programmen Mo-Fr live 1800-2000 auf 17830 und Di-Sa 0300-0500 auf 7315 bei WHRI Noblesville um Empfangsberichte. Auf einen solchen kam nach kurzem eine Spendenbescheinigung über den für das Rueckporto beigelegten US-Dollar und in einem Monat eine Bestätigungskarte mit dem QSL-Motiv von WWCR Nashville und For-the-People-Text. H.Biener-D AGDX SWL News 040 Jul 93

Global Spirit Proclamation Index USA Index America North

Global Spirit Proclamation via WBCQ, 18910 kHz, full data card in 4 weeks after follow up via WBCQ, v/s Allan Weiner. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Apr 07

Good Friends R Index USA Index America North

Good Friends R. Network via WBCQ, 9330, full data QSL certificate, religious and radio related literature in 17 weeks. V/s's C. Rod Hembree (president) and Trudy Janes (Media Coordinator). QTH: P.O. Box 456, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L9W5G2. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 06
Good Friends R. / 15665 kHz, 78 Tage, det. A4-Zertifikat, Info, Programm-Guide, Radio Weather WHRA / $ E.Röscher-D ADDX 2006-06 Jun 06
GOOD FRIENDS RADIO 9330 kHz TX WBCQ, QSL Certificate + Religious Booklets in 119 days. NO Rp. V/s : C. ROD HEMBREE (President) & TRUDY JANES (Media Coordinator). ADDRESS : P.O.Box 456, ORANGEVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA L9W 5G2. V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2007 Jan 07
Good Friends R. via WHRA / 15665 kHz, 19 Tage, det. Zertifikat, Infos / $ K.P.Hilger-D ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07

Great Am'cn Polka Show Index USA Index America North

Great Am'cn Polka Show via WWCR 12160 qsl-card no r.postage [F / D " Photos of beautiful Lehigh County " card, WWCR card, schedule and sticker] 12 days, v/s : Jack Burns, owner WALN-FM Allentown PA. M.Humenyk-ON-CAN WDXC QSL Report Feb 97

Herald of Truth Index USA Index America North

Herald of Truth Broadcast via WBCQ, 7415, personal letter in 8 weeks; v/s Sheryl; QTH: P.O. Box 1021, Harrison, AR 72602. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 06
HERALD OF TRUTH BROADCAST 7415 kHz VIA TX WBCQ. PERS. LETTER in 56 days. NO Rp. V/s: SHERYL (Secretary) ADRESS : P.O.BOX 1021, ZIP*72602 HARRISON, ARKANSAS. WEB : (October 2006) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2007 Jan 07

Horizon FM (USA) Index USA Index America North

9955, Horizon FM 92.9 via WRMI, nice QSL ltr with full details and info about the stn, also a sticker. Says it is an official stn with a license for 50 watts on 92.9. Address is P.O. Box 80, 5595-ZH Leende, Holland, but envelope postmarked in Belgium. v/s Marcel Rommerts, QSL Secretary, marcel.rommerts[ät] In 9 wks. J.Berg-MA-USA Cumbre DX 129 Mrz 97

Hour Of The Time (USA) Index USA Index America North

Hour Of The Time Radio Broadcast via WBCQ, 7415, full data QSL sheet in 4 weeks. V/s John Doyel Shamley (General Manager). QTH: P.O. Box 940, Eagar, Arizona 85925. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Jun 05
7415 /9330 Hour of the Time BCB via WBCQ. Xmas Card ( with verification statement), verifying my rpt, mentioned I would be getting QSL certificate from the USA Address. Canadian address for Rpts: 2446 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, KIV 1A8 Web site: E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Jan 06
7415/9330 Hour of the Time BCB via WBCQ-The Planet. Full data Verification Statement Letter, with information /schedule and Tape purchases, from the USA Address. v/s John Doyel Shamley 9840 United Radio broadcasters of New Orleans/WWL, via WHRI, Cypress creek Transmitter. Full data Special QSL Card #23 in 15 days. v/s Joe Polett, C.E. WWL Radio E.Kusalik-ALB-CAN direct to QIP Jan 06

IBB Relay (USA) Index USA Index America North

IBB RELAY VIA TX DELANO 15330 f/d. card l5d. for E-mail report sent to: jvodenik[ät] V/s: JOHN VODENIK. SNAIL QTH : POPPELE TRANSMITTING STATION, VOICE OF AMERICA, 11015 MELCHER ROAD ? Play-DX 1135 Dez 01

Int BC Corp (USA) Index USA Index America North

7385, Intl B/Cing Corp. (Lou Gentile show via WRMI), sent full-data ltr on their ltrhead for E-mail rpt to office[ät] Quick E-mail response from Daryn P. Fleming, President, who wanted to send me an IBC mousepad but who responded to my request for a good old fashioned ltr instead. I sent him a postal copy of the E-rpt with a CD recording, and rcvd back the ltr signed by DFP. Address is 127 W. Clark Ave. (Suite #201), Santa Maria, CA 93455, although ltr was mailed from unidentified Canadian location. Ltr arrived in 1-1/2 wks. See J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 03
IBC postal address invalid : Postal report from Nov.22, to IBC Media Network, via WRMI, using the IBC, 127 W.Clark Ave, Suite #201. Santa Maria, CA 93455 address, returned. Envelope stamped ,"Moved-Left No Address". I suppose I'll have to resort to e-mail! S.R.Barbour Jr-NH-USA DXplorer-ML Dez 03

Jesus to the World Mission Index USA Index America North

13760 Jesus to the World Mission via WHRI : This German mission after 3 weeks confirmed a report by a colourful QSL letter, containing all details necessary. Schedule for their five minutes saturday programs in English, by evangelist Andreas Huebner : 0710 UT on 9930 kcs via KWHR; 1730 UT on 13760 kcs via WHRI; 1805 UT on 9495 kcs via WHRI. Address : P.O. Box 11 62, 27341 Rotenburg, Germany. H.Kuhl-D DX Window 111 Apr 98
Jesus to the World / 13760 kHz, 9 days, det. qsl-letter, pers. qsl-letter / Rp, sent via WHRI. T.Völkner-D ADDX-Kurier 1998-21 Nov 98

JSWC 50 (USA) Index USA Index America North

Heute lag eine schöne Sonder-QSL der VOA aus Delano im Kasten, anläßlich der Sondersendung zum 50. Jubiläum des Japan SW Clubs. 9350 kHz LSB, laut QSL 25 kW PEP. v/s John Vodenik. Laufzeit 14 Tage, E-Mail-Bericht mit Soundfile ging an jvodenik[ät] M.Elbe-D A-DX-ML Mrz 02
9350 LSB VOA via Delano Two f/d e-mail QSLs with photos of Delano from John Vodenik (jvodenik[ät] for the special program commemorating the 50th anniversary of the JSWC. John promised that printed copies of the QSLs will be mailed this week. G.Maroti-NY-USA Cumbre DX 392 Mrz 02
9350 LSB "Voice of America Delano Transmitting Station Special Broadcast 50th Anniversary of the Japan SW Club" heard 16 March 2002 at 1226-1240. SINPO=35433. Commemorative QSL received in 12 days,v/s John Vodenik, via Delano, CA. Responding to my mail DX Report. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 393 Apr 02
VOA-Delano / 9350kHz-LSB, 14 days, special QSL card for special transmission and program of Japan Shortwave Club 50th anniversary. T.Gouhara-J direct to QIP Apr 02
9350L, VOA-Delano, nice "antenna farm at sunset" card, full info on the Mar 16 JSWC prgm on front, time penned in on back, v/s John Vodenik; for an E-mail rpt to John. . J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Apr 02
QSL JSWC : heute lag die QSL vom Japan Short Wave Club für das Jubiläumsprogramm via VoA vom 16.03.02 im Briefkasten: Detaillierte Karte (Nr. 7), Ansichtskarte von der Fußball-WM und Infosheet. R.Sonntag-D A-DX-ML Jul 02
Japan ShortWave Club started providing special F/D QSL cards for reception reports of their 50th anniversary programs broadcasted from several international radio stations: VOA, AWR and others. I receieved two kinds of cards on Jul.17 which have simple illustlation drawn by a JSWC member. Foreign reporters will receive them soon. T.Gouhara-J Cumbre DX 408 Jul 02
JSWC 50th Anniversary cards, two different cards rcvd showing watercolors by member Kim Yeong-Il, one for xmsn via Guam, other for xmsn via VOA, both full-data (except no site on VOA card). Also sent JSWC info. v/s Nobuya Kato. In four mos. for CD rpt. . J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 02
5995 Voice of America/Japan Short Wave Club via Greenville, North Carolina heard 16 March 2002 at 0133-0158. SINPO=44444. JSWC 50th Anniversary QSL #42, v/s Hiroshi Kobayashi (JSWC #8645), via Yokohama Port. Received in 128 days in response to my mail DX Report + photos of State of New Mexico transmitters. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 410 Aug 02
9760 Japan Short Wave Club's special F/D QSL card, illustlation of Mt.Fuji,for their 50th anniversary programs broadcasted from VOA received 126 days in response to my mail reception report. H.M.Kim-KOR Cumbre DX 411 Aug 02
9595 kHz, JSWC 50th Anniversary, partial data qsl-card (site and power missing), v/s. JSWC member 0125 (?), card shows watercolor painting by JSWC 8639, leaflet, FIFA sticker, personal thank you card by JSWC 8590, in 79 days for a report with 1 IRC to JSWC, P.O. Box 138, Yokohama Port 231-8691 Japan. M.Schöch-D direct to QIP Aug 02

Kol Israel (USA) Index USA Index America North

7385 WRMI via Kol Israel [rather Kol Israel via WRMI ? -QIP] heard 5 October 2001 at 0250-0259. SINPO=25222. QSL + 4-color 1 November 2001 schedule received in my SASE in 45 days in response to my mail DX Report +$1 + art show postcard. G.Glotzbach-NM-USA Cumbre DX 375 Nov 01

La Verdad Para El Mundo (USA) Index USA Index America North

9955, R.La Verdad Para El Mundo via WRMI, partial data personal letter in 14 weeks. V/s Phillip A.Gray (KK4TJ). QTH: Box 515, Villa Rica, GA 30180, USA V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Jun 03

La Voz de la OAS Index USA Index America North

La Voz de la OAE via VoA 15160 kHz, det. qsl-card in 45 days, schedule R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Mai 91
L v de OAS 9670 in ? ? days w f/d QSL and spanish magazine OAS QTH 17 str + connstitution Ave NW Washington 20006 Z.Liangas-GRC Webpage Jan 96
Voice of the OAS 9670 kHz, p/d card 9/12/95, v/s : Not listed "Plain OAS" card, site : Not listed J.Dybka-USA Webpage Jan 00

La Voz del Pueblo Indígena (USA) Index USA Index America North

9955 kHz. La Voz del Pueblo Indígena, Balbastro 1790, 1746 Buenos Aires. Carta QSL (verificador: Francisco Burgos y Rogelio Guanuco). Transmisión vía Radio Miami Internacional. Verificó en 80 días. M.Fermoselle-ARG Conexion Digital 103 Apr 01

Leading the Way Index USA Index America North

Leading the Way / 7295 kHz, 259 Tage, det. K nach f/up S.Arndt-D ADDX 2007-02 Feb 07

Marion's Attic (USA) Index USA Index America North

Marion's Attic via WBCQ, 7415 kHz, a very friendly and fascinating e-mail verie in 3 days; v/s Marion Webster marionweb[ät] V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Mrz 04

Mefag (USA) Index USA Index America North

MEFAG Radio det. Brief mit Radio Logo,  13770 kHz, vom 17.07.1995 1100 UTC-Zeit   nach 18 Tagen erhalten D.Kraus-D direct to QIP Aug 95
MEFAG via WVHA 9930 qsl-letter no r.postage 30 days. G.Grigoriev-RUS WDXC QSL Report Okt 96

Pab Sungenis Project Index USA Index America North

PAB SUNGENIS PROJECT VIA TX WBCQ 7415 kHz EMAIL REPLY in 24 hours. V/s : PAB SUNGENIS (Owner) EMAIL : pab[ät] V.Korinek-AFS Play DX J2003-4 Apr 04

Pirating with Cumbre (USA) Index USA Index America North

Pirating with Cumbre via WRHA, v/s Chris Lobdell, PO Box 146, Stoneham MA 02180, USA. 7580 kHz, f/d card, rp : ms 40 days. R.Petraitis-LTU WDXC QSL Report Apr 00
Pirating with Cumbre - WHRA -17650 - det. Karte, Snail Mail, IRC, 14 Tage M.Grallert-D direct to QIP Jun 00
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRA / 17650 kHz, 14 days, detailed qsl-card, l IRC. M.Grallert-D ADDX 2000-16 Aug 00
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRA, v/s Chris Lobdell 17650 kHz, card, rp : no, 41 days. S.M.Kolesov-UKR WDXC QSL Report Mrz 01
"PIRATING WITH CUMBRE" VIA WHRA, for RR of 19 Oct 2002 on 7580 F/D V/S, $2 + local postcard, 34 days J.B.Miller-USA Cumbre DX-ML Nov 02
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRI / 5745 kHz, 22 Tage, detailed qsl-card, B / $. K.-P.Hilger-D ADDX 2002-23 Dez 02
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRI / 7580 kHz, 46 Tage, detailed card, Info / $ E.Röscher-D ADDX 2003-15 Aug 03
Chris Lobdell, aka "Pirate King", Host of "Pirating With Cumbre" hat mir nach 12 Tagen eine f/ d qsl card geschickt. RP war "green stamp". Frontseite zeigt: "Pirate King" Chris Lobdell in his radio shack. Infobrief : Absender; PWC, Post Office Box 146, Stoneham MA 02180 USA. email: Pirating With Cumbre is a weekly 10 minute segment heard during the half hour program DXing With Cumbre, hosted by Marie Lamb over World Harvest Radio International- WHRI. P.Gager-AUT A-DX-ML Mrz 05
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRA 9455 kHz verified wth a det. card and letter in 9 days. 1 US-$ for RP. QTH: P.O.Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180, USA. v/s Chris Lobdell. P.Robic-AUT direct to QIP Apr 05
Pirating with Cumbre DX-programme via WHRI, 7315 kHz, det. card and infosheet, 22 days, 1 $, Address: P.O.Box 146, Stoneham MA 02180 R.Sonntag-D direct to QIP Jun 06
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRI / 7315 kHz, 22 Tage, det. K, Info / $ R.Sonntag-D ADDX 2007-02 Feb 07
Heute lag bei mir im Kasten die "Pirating with Cumbre" QSL 2006 über eine Sendung vom November 2006 via WHRI. P.Vaegler-D A-DX-ML Feb 07
15285 kHz. WHRI “Pirating with Cumbre”, via Cypres Hill. QSL Card full data and DX segment information letter after 5 moths. V/S Mr Chris Lobdel (mi pana) , Pirate King. This is a very beauty QSL card depicting the DX house site of Chris Lobdel with yours receivers. L.J.Santiago Valero-VEN direct to QIP Mrz 07
Pirating w. Cumbre via WHRA / 5850 kHz, 74 Tage, detaillierte Karte / $ P.Gager-AUT ADDX 2007-04 Apr 07
Pirating with Cumbre via WHRA-Greenbush. 5850 kHz , det Karte nach 62 Tagen, pers. Brief. v/s Chris Lobdell. P.Vaegler-D direct to QIP Jun 07

Piss and Moan Net Index USA Index America North

PISS & MOAN NET 7415 kHz Via WBCQ, in 189 days. NO Rp. V/s : ALLAN H. WEINER. (May 2006) V.Korinek-AFS Play-DX 2007 Jan 07

Prophecy Talk Index USA Index America North

Prophecy Talk via WRMI, 9955, personal letter, schedule, religious literature and CD in 24 days; v/s Dr. David Aldred (Minister), QTH: Omega Coalition Ministries, Box 363, Hillsville, VA 24343. V.Korinek-AFS DXplorer-ML Aug 06

R Caroline (USA) Index USA Index America North

R Caroline - 7145 qsl-card 180 (via WBCQ. v/s John Knight., sent st inf.) J.Berg-MA-USA BDXC-UK 2002-04 Apr 02

R Guangdong (USA) Index USA Index America North

15275 Radio Guangdong via WRN/WRMI. Full data QSL Letter confirming reception of WRN via WRMI, but no mention of Radio Gunagdong on the QSL letter. They did how ever sent me a Radio Guangdong Blue T - Skirt, along with a schedule. Reply in 13 days. v/s Paula Dine Administration E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Sep 04
15275 Radio Guangdong via WRN/WRMI. Received another full data verification QSL Letter but this time with the station's name indicated on the Letter for a Postal reply from their UK Address. Reply in 45 days return time. v/s Paula Dine Administrator E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Okt 04
15275 Radio Guangdong via WRMI/WRN. Received a reply direct from the station. Received in 50 days time, a large airmail package, which had enclosed a Date only QSL Card, Blue T-shirt (XL) Newspaper /Voices from the World with mention of my letter in this section. Address for reports: Radio Guangdong Renmin Bei Road No. 686 Guangshou 510012 Peo. Rep.of China. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Okt 04

R Isquina de Tango (USA) Index USA Index America North

Radio Isquina de Tango, Buenos Aires via WRMI 9955, f /d " Carlos Gardel " card in 1 month for US $ 1. A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 1999-11 Nov 99

R Joystick (USA) Index USA Index America North

Radio Joystick via WRMI, 9955, f/d EG/GM card, stickers, info sheet and friendly, personal letter, in 13 days for $2 and and EG rpt. Both state my report was the first for a WRMI broadcast. V/S, Charlie Prince. S.R.Barbour Jr-NH-USA Cumbre DX-ML Jun 04

R La Colifata (USA) Index USA Index America North

9955 Radio La Colifata (via WRMI), full data QSL card, wrote on front -primera emision internacional en onda corta-, received in 17 days signed by A. Olivera, Director + Norberto Pugliese in charge for the broadcast on SW + form letter in Spanish with acknowledge for to listen the station and other comments concerning to the station, card stamped as -LT22 FM La Colifata-; according to N.Pugliese, this is the first QSL sent out by the station on the current week for the first report received by them. The station also has an E-mail address : colifata[ät] Finally at the end of the form letter, they have wrote the following phrase in Spanish.- Los locos habren los caminos que mas tarde recorren los sabios -.., signed by Carlo Dossi, an Italian diplomat and writer (1849-1910). QSL sent directly out from Argentina. (Barrera) G.Ivan Barrera-ARG Cumbre DX 138 Mai 97

R Netherlands (USA) Index USA Index America North

15455 kHz, Radio Nederland, Apartado 222, 1200 JG Hilversum. Tarjeta QSL, calcos y esquema de emisiones. Reporte de la tranmision via WSHB Cypress Creek (USA), durante el periodo en que Bonaire estuvo fuera del aire debido al incendio en esa planta retransmisora. Verifico en 36 dias. M.A.Cornachioni-ARG Conexion Digital 067 Aug 00
RN/Cypress Creek 15455 rpt-ret m/verie. K.-E.Stridh-S Norwegian DX News 2001-03 Apr 01
9450 Radio Nederland, GRV, USA. QSL. 20 dias – QSL A Dutch Morning, Calendário e adesivo V/S: Caren QTH: Postbus 222 1200 JG Hilversum Holanda. L.dos Santos Nascimento-MG-B radioescutas-ML Jul 09

R Prague (USA) Index USA Index America North

9955, R. Prague via WRMI, full-data card, skeds, postcard, stickers, pennant, in 3 weeks. V.Korinek-AFS Numero Uno 1503 Nov 98
Radio Prags englischer Dienst bestätigte einen RR über das 3 UTC via WRMI Miami (9955 kHz) hörbare Relais mit det. QSL-Karte. Im Anschluß kommen gelegentlich Eigenprogramme durch. Radio Prague, Vinohradska 12, 12099 Prag, CR + WRMI, P.O.Box 526852, Miami, PL 33152, USA. E.Röscher-D Eastside DX 06 Jun 99
Radio Prague via WRMI Miami 9955. Full data card showing radio receivers from the past in 9 days. T.Vaughan-G direct to QIP Aug 99
R. Prag via WRMI/9955 kHz, 3 days, detailed qsl-card, program guide, sticker. H.-J.Koch-D ADDX-Kurier 1999-23 Dez 99
R. Prag via WRMI / 7385, 17 days, detailed QSL-card, Sticker, W, PG. P.E.Boeck-D ADDX-Kurier 2001-03 Feb 01
Radio Prague: 7385 (broadcast via WRMI, Miami, USA). Report on Czech-language broadcast reception sent to cr[ät] QSL came in 10 days. V.Doroshenko-UKR Signal 081 Nov 02

R Six Int (USA) Index USA Index America North

7415, R. Six Intl (Scotland) via WBCQ, E-QSL in four days, nice looking Word file with stn name and logo, address, etc., all data (except entire time of b/c [0000-0200] shown), my name and location (I could not see the graphics on my screen, but they printed out okay). V/S Tony Currie, Prgm director, who says they will send a "real QSL" when postal rpt received. This was for a brief E-mail that I sent them (not a real rcpn rpt, but followed by a postal rpt). They reply by E-mail for E-mail rpts, by postal mail for postal rpts. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 04
7415, Radio Six International via WBCQ verified an electronic report with a nice full data Word attachment in 6 days from v/s Tony Currie, Programme Director. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Jul 04
7415, Radio Six International via WBCQ test transmission verified with a date/frequency logo card and "Radio News" for August 2004 (a program guide) in 59 days from v/s Tony Currie, Programme Director. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Sep 04
5105 kHz. Radio Six Internacional. Tarjeta QSL con datos completos. Enviado informe por E-mail y solicitando la QSL por correo ordinario. No enviado IRC. Tardo en llegar 18 dias. Idioma verificado: ingles A.Javier Pérez Baldó-E Conexion Digital 287 Okt 04
5105, R. Six Intl (via WBCQ), nice-looking QSL-card, full-data, rcvd by postal mail in 3 mos., similar in design to E-QSL attachment rcvd soon after rptng. For E and postal rpts, the latter with CD. Also sent copy of their Sep "Radio News" NL containing daily prgms for Sep. J.Berg-MA-USA DXplorer-ML Okt 04
R.Six Internat., Glasgow 5.105 kHz, G tx-site: Monticello gehört in: AUT/Strasshof K, Px-schedule 09.10.2004 08.11.2004 29 Tage CAF-Studio H.Süss-AUT direct to QIP Nov 04
Radio Six International (Scotland) via WBCQ, Monticello, Maine 5105 kHz, F/D "Clock-globe-logo" card and schedule in 3 weeks from v/s Tony Currie, Programme Director A.Loudell-DE-USA CIDX 2006-01 Jan 06
7415 Radio Six International via WBCQ, Monticello. Full data 'around the clock and around the world Scotland' QSL Card, with Radio news sheet, in 34 days, for Postal Report. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN direct to QIP Apr 06


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