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BC-DX QSL-Information for Clandestine Radio Stations broadcasting to Georgia

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  1. Apsua R
  2. R Abkhazia

Apsua R see R Abkhazia

R Abkhazia Index Georgia Index Clandestine

- R. Respubliki Abkhazia, 9495, P / C and letter in RS for RS-lang report. Xmtr said to be 5 kw, but location was not given. v/s Yuriy Kutarba, acting General Manager, Abkhaz State Broadcasting Committee. Address : 384900, Respublika Abkhazia, gorod Sukhumi, ul. Aidgylara, 34. It might, however, be wise not to refer to Abkhazia as a (sovereign) republic, if you want your report to survive through the postal services of Georgia or Russia, which are not very happy about Abkhazia's separatism. M.Mäkeläinen-FIN Cumbre DX 100 Aug 96
- 9494.77, R. Abkhazia, long, friendly letter in EG, plus two postcards (for two rptd May xmsns) with full-data veri statements on back, and two folios containing a total of 36 different picture postcards. Nice letterhead with coat of arms and stn name and address in RS and (presumably) Georgian, dated Sept 10, postmarked Oct 16, rcvd Nov 1 by registered mail, and nice Abkhazian stamps on the envelope. I sent my rpt to a RS DXer, who forwarded it to the stn (I think with a cover ltr in RS), but without my tape, which RS P.O. would not accept. From the ltr : -Radio of the Republic of Abkhazia comes out in the middle waves on fqy 1350 kHz, in range of 222.2 m., and also on short waves on fqy 9495 kHz and 9508 kHz in range of 31 m. Antenna height of middle waves xmtr, 106 m. above sea level. Antenna height of SW xmtr, 68 m. above sea level. Broadcasting time--in the morning at 0730 and in the evening at 1830 (Moscow time). Our b / cing is in three languages : in Abkhazian, in RS and in Georgian. From July of 1996 was started a b / cing for compatriots abroad. This is in the main Turkey and countries of the Near East... B / cing time : every Tuesday and Saturday from 1430 till 1600, with evening repetition from 2000 till 2130 (Moscow time).- They have rcvd -messages on rcvng the Abkhaz Radio- from Australia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, U.S. and various parts of Russia. And this impt piece of info in response to my inquiry : -We inform you that SW xmtr on fqy 9495 kHz. is in Abkhazia, in her capital--Sukhum.- QSL-cards contain the stn stamp, and -Xmtr power--5 kw.- Ltr and cards signed by Yury Kutarba, Deputy General Director of Abkhaze State TV and Radio Co., Aydghilara Street, 34, Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia 384900. J.Berg-MA-USA Cumbre DX 111 Nov 96
- V. o. Abkhaz ! Yesterday (Dec.14) I received a QSL from V.o.Abkhazia. in 117 days after mt letter with the response from v/s Yury Kutarbon. It was a registered with personal letter and QSL in a picture of Panorama, New Afon QSL was writen : R / S R of Abkhazia confirms that YOU have heard our programmes in July 1996 since 1134 am to 1220 pm UTC with frq 9495 kHz in doapason 31 m transmitters power is 5 kW part of letter included : Rep of Abkhazia appears in either in MW Xter with QRG 1350 kHz in diapason (WL) 222.2 m and at the same time by the SW Xter in 106 m altitude. And trhe height of the antenna of SW Xter in 68 m altitude. The timeof appearing in either is 730 am and 1630 pm MOskow time Broadcasting is in Abhazian and in russian and there is news broadcasting in georgian in Wed Thur Fri and Sat. Since July we began to broadcast for our countryman abroads. It is mostly Turkey and countres of NE. Te appearing in either is realized by same xter and same QRG. The time ofapperaring in either is since 230 pm to 400 pm and we repeat in the evening since 800 to 930 pm Moskow time Unfortunately at the present time we have no programmes in English, but we intend to create such programme in the nearest future we receive mnay lettrs from everywhere. The appearing of ourprogramme in either interests many r amateur. we receoved report abt reception of our px frm many countries of theworld : Australia, Germany Poland USA Finland and from different parts of Russia. --- Address of the station : v/s Yury Kutarba Dep of Gen dir Abkahz state TV Radio Co Sukhum Abkahzia 34 Aidgylara Phone 24867, 25321 fax 21144. --- I already sent a thank you letter to them by fax. Nevertheless my top QSL of the year ! Z.Liangas-GRC TFW Jan 97
- Republic of Abkhazia R., not a QSL yet, but my registered air-reply card came back after being in transit since July 7th, with my rpt sent last December 1997. So there's still some hope yet. E.Kusalik-AB-CAN Numero Uno 1495 Okt 98
- 9494.8, R. Abkhazia, with two full-data ppcs for June and Oct receptions in 1998. Tried a number of routes (registered direct, via Russian DX friend of JB's, via contact of George Maroti's, and even attached the report to a R. Georgia rpt to Tbilisi), so not sure what worked. No v/s on cards, but ltr in presumed Abkhazian had signature and printed name on bottom as Zurab Argun, not Yury Kutarba. I can't read what looks like a postal address in the middle of the ltr (there is a Russian co-worker I will ask Monday), but the postal code for Socchi, Russia is 354 000 and these numbers, also separated, begin the address in the ltr. C/V 239--none left for me. J.L.Sgrulletta-NY-USA Numero Uno 1619 Feb 01
- 9489.8, R. Abkhazia, two full-data ppc's signed and stamped, with a typed personal ltr in RS, from the Director, Zurab Argun, and three postcards of Abkhazia, for a June 1998 rcpn. The ltr states that they have rcvd ltrs from many countries, and requests that rpts be sent to the following address: National Library of Abkhazia, Krasnodar District, P.O. Box 964, 354000 Sochi, Russia. I had previously mailed the stn taped rpts from the USA and Hungary. My last follow-up (along with John Sgrulletta's) was hand delivered to Mr. Argun in August 2000 by the Plenipotentiary of Abkhazia for Western Europe. What's interesting is that I only enclosed one ppc in the last follow-up, yet I received two of my personally designed ppc's (with slightly different designs) in return. What this means is that one of my previous rpts had been rcvd by the stn, despite the embargo. G.Maroti-NY-USA Numero Uno 1620 Feb 01
- 9494.7, Apsua R, R Abkhas Republik. In Sep 2006 I sent a registered reception-report letter to: Mr. Yuri Kutarba, Deputy Direktor General , Apsua-Radio, ul. Aydghilara 34, 384900 Suchumi, Abkhas, RUSSIA. The letter came return after 5 months with the following note: "RETOUR,......The UPU circular # 360 of 16.10.06 - NO MAIL exchange with GEORGIA". T.Ransmann-D DX-Window 319 Feb 07
- REPUBLIC OF ABKHAZIA RADIO Sukhumi 9535 kHz, E-QSL cirillica in 3 giorni. E-rpt (tradotto dall'inglese al russo su Google Translate) con MP3 inviato a: L.Botto Fiora-I Nov 08

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[GEO] 9489, Radio Rossii (Radio Russia on card) verified with a full data card, unfortunately without indicating the site, in 154 days from "Coordinator." NASWA c/v #220. R.D'Angelo-PA-USA DXplorer-ML Aug 01

Rep of Abkhazia R see R Abkhazia

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