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Clandestine Radio Schedules

a list of Clandestine Radio Stations compiled by Eike Bierwirth y recopilado por Jose Miguel Romero

Clandestine Radio Watch

Last update for this page :
Sonntag, 18. Februar 2007

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Emisiones clandestinas recopiladas del
BC B06 - The comprehensive shortwave broadcasting schedule
         Valid October 28, 2006 - March 25, 2007

*** All stations - all languages - all SW frequencies ***

Compiled from bc-a06.txt using QBasic script
Free to copy + distribute.
Days, if in numbers: 1-Monday etc.
For language codes and other information view bc-a06.txt.

* # = First half only $ = Second half only *
* - = Monday through Friday + = Saturday and Sunday only *
* /ABC = frequency is transmitted from foreign relay station *
Free to copy + distribute.
Days, if in numbers: 1-Monday etc.
For country, language and target-area codes please refer to readme.txt on my website.

Last update: Nov 29, 2006

kHz           Time(UTC) Days  ITU Station                Lang. Target   Remarks

6185          0000-0200       CLA Radio Republica          S   CUB       /G
15260         0100-0130 TuTh  CLA Moj Them Radio           HM  SEA
9630          0200-0500 Tu-Sa CLA Radio Republica          S   CUB       /CAN
7460          0230-0315       CLA Radio Payam-e Doost      FS  IRN       /MDA
6100          0230-0330       CLA Radio Sadaye Kashmir     UR  SAs       /IND-d
5990          0230-0400       CLA VoJammu-Kashmir Freedom  E   SAs
7590          0300-0500       CLA Denge Mezopotamia        KU  ME        /MDA
3985          0300-0600       CLA Echo of Hope             K   KRE
6348          0300-0600       CLA Echo of Hope             K   KRE
6518          0300-0700       CLA Voice of the People      K   KRE
6600          0300-0700       CLA Voice of the People      K   KRE
6335          0400-0500       CLA V.o.Iraqi Kurdistan      A   ME
11690         0400-0600       DRC Radio Okapi              F   CAf       /AFS
11530         0500-1500       CLA Denge Mezopotamia        KU  ME        /MDA
12000         0700-0800       SEN West Africa Democracy R. E   WAf       /G-r
700           0700-0900       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
1550          0700-0900       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
7425          0700-0900       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
9890          0730-0830       CLA Radio Sadaye Kashmir     UR  SAs       /IND-d
7230          0745-0845       CLA VoJammu-Kashmir Freedom  E   SAs
17860         0800-0900       SEN West Africa Democracy R. F   WAf       /G-s
17860         0900-1000       SEN West Africa Democracy R. E   WAf       /G-s
3985          0900-2100       CLA Echo of Hope             K   KRE
6348          0900-2100       CLA Echo of Hope             K   KRE
9730          1000-1100       CLA Radio Free North Korea   K   FE        /TWN
17860         1000-1100       SEN West Africa Democracy R. F   WAf       /G-s
17560         1030-1350       CLA Voice of Tibet           TB  FE        /TJK
15680         1200-1300       CLA Que Huong Radio          VN  SEA
17620         1200-1400       CLA Sawt al-Amal             A   LBY       /MDA
5102          1300-1430       CLA VoJammu-Kashmir Freedom  E   SAs
17550         1330-1400 Fr    CLA Radio Waaberi            SO  EAf       /D-j
7490          1350-1520       CLA Voice of Tibet           TB  FE        /TJK
7365          1400-1430       CLA Open R.for North Korea   K   KRE       /TWN
17550         1400-1430       CLA Voice of Tibet           TB  FE        /MDG
6100          1430-1530       CLA Radio Sadaye Kashmir     UR  SAs       /IND-d
17495         1430-1530       CLA Dem.Voice of Burma       BR  SEA       /MDG
7165          1500-1600       CLA V.o.Dem.Alliance         Vn  ERI       /ETH
9560          1500-1600       CLA V.o.Dem.Alliance         Vn  ERI       /ETH
11900         1500-1600       CLA Tensae Ethiopia Voice of AH  EAf       /RUS-a
7590          1500-1700       CLA Denge Mezopotamia        KU  ME        /MDA
8000          1530-1600       CLA Voice of Sudan           A   EAf
17550         1530-1600       CLA Voice of Tibet           TB  FE        /MDG
9445          1600-1700 Sa    CLA Dejen Radio              TIG EAf       /RUS-s
9445          1600-1700 Tu    CLA Radio Huriyo (Xoriyo)    SO  EAf       /RUS-s
9445          1600-1700 Fr    CLA Voice of ENUPF           AH  EAf       /RUS-s
9450          1600-1700 357   CLA Voice of Liberty         TIG ERI       /RUS-s
9485          1600-1700 Th    CLA Voice of Eritrea         TIG EAf       /RUS-s
11800         1600-1700       CLA Minivan Radio            DH  MDV       /D-j
9820          1630-1700 TuFr  CLA Radio Huriyo (Xoriyo)    SO  EAf       /D-j
7305          1700-1730 MoTh  CLA R.V.o.Oromo Liberation   OO  EAf       /RUS-s
7335          1700-1730 Mo-Fr CLA Voice of Delina          TIG EAf       /RUS-a
9485          1700-1730 Tu-Su CLA V.o.Oromo Liberation     OO  EAf       /D-j
9820          1700-1730 Th    CLA V.o.Dem.Eritrea          TIG EAf       /D-j
9820          1700-1730 Sa    CLA V.o.Oromia Independence  OO  EAf       /D-j
7305          1700-1800 TuSa  CLA V.o.Ethiopian People     AH  EAf       /RUS-s
7435          1700-1800 2457  CLA R. Democracy Shorayee    FS  ME         
7590          1700-1900       CLA Denge Rojhelat           FS  ME        /RUS-s
6245          1700-2100       CLA Radio Zamaneh            FS  ME        /UKR-m
700           1700-2300       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
1550          1700-2300       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
7425          1700-2300       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    A   NAf       /ALG
7335          1730-1800 Sa-Th CLA Radio Horyaal            SO  EAf       /RUS-a
9485          1730-1800 Tu-Su CLA V.o.Oromo Liberation     AH  EAf       /D-j
9820          1730-1800 Th    CLA V.o.Dem.Eritrea          A   EAf       /D-j
7480          1800-1845       CLA Radio Payam-e Doost      FS  IRN       /MDA
11840         1800-1900 Su    CLA R.Free Southern Cameroon E   CAf       /RUS-a
9620          1900-2000 357   CLA V.o.Dem.Path Eth.Unity   AH  EAf       /D-j
9780          1900-2000       CLA Radio Free North Korea   K   FE        /TWN
9795          2000-2030       CLA Open R.for North Korea   K   KRE       /TWN
9795          2100-2130       CLA Open R.for North Korea   K   KRE       /TWN
7380          2100-2200 Sa    CLA Voice of Biafra Int.     E   WAf       /AFS
6135          2200-2400       CLA Radio Republica          S   CUB       /G-r
700           2300-2400       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    S   NAf       /ALG
1550          2300-2400       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    S   NAf       /ALG
7425          2300-2400       CLA Nat.R. of Saharan ADR    S   NAf       /ALG
6600          2300-0100       CLA Voice of the People      K   KRE
5970          2300-0400       CLA Radio Republica          S   CUB       /D-w
5955          2330-0030       CLA Dem.Voice of Burma       BR  SEA       /D-w

Target Area Codes:

Af - Africa
Am - America(s)
As - Asia
C.. - Central ..
Car - Caribbean
Cau - Caucasus
CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States (Former Soviet Union)
CNA - Central North America
E.. - East ..
ESP - Europe and South Pacific
ENA - Eastern North America
Eu - Europe (often including North Africa/Middle East)
Eus - Europe and Asia
FE - Far East
LAm - Latin America (=Central and South America)
ME - Middle East
N.. - North ..
NAO - North Atlantic Ocean
Oc - Oceania
S.. - South ..
SAO - South Atlantic Ocean
SEA - South East Asia
SEE - South East Europe
Sib - Siberia
SPO - South Pacific Ocean
W.. - West ..
WNA - Western North America
* - via North Pole

Transmitter Sites:

* Transmitter Sites  |  Senderstandorte  *

AFS: Meyerton 26S35-28E08
AGL: Mulenvos 08S53-13E20
AIA: The Valley 18N13-63W01
ALB: CRI: Cerrik 40N59'47"-19E59'58" (1x100kW = 2x50kW)
     R Tirana: Shijiak 41N19'53"5-19E33'08"6 (1x100kW = 2x50kW)
     MW: Durres/Fllake 41N22'11"-19E30'17" (500 kW)
ALS: Anchor Point 59N45-151W44
ARM: Gavar (formerly Kamo) 40N25-45E11
ARS: Riyadh 24N30-46E23 except j-Jeddah 21N32-39E10
ASC: Ascension Island, 07S54-14W23
ATG: St.John's 17N06-61W48 (2 x 250kW)
ATN: Bonaire 12N12-68W18
AUS: RA: Shepparton 36S20-145E25 except:
      b-Brandon 19S31-147E20
      d-Darwin 12S25-136E37
     Christian Voice: Darwin.
     HCJB: Kununurra, WA, 15S48-128E41
     ARDS: Humpty Doo, nr.Darwin, NT 12S34'05"-131E04'35"
AUT: Moosbrunn 48N00-16E28
     1476: Vienna-Bisamberg.
AZE: Gäncä 40N37-46E20
BEL: Wavre(Waver) 50N44-04E34
BGD: Dhaka 23N43-90E26
BIH: Bijeljina 44N42-19E10
BIO: Diego Garcia 07S03-72E04
BLR: Minsk-Sasnovy 53N56-27E34 except:
     b - Brest 52N20-23E35 (5kW)
     g - Hrodna/Grodno (5 kW)
     m - Mahiliou/Mogilev ("Orsha") (5 kW)
BOT: VoA: Mopeng Hill 21S57-27E39
BUL: Plovdiv-Padarsko 42N10-24E42  (2x500kW,3x250kW)
     except s-Sofia-Kostinbrod 42N49-23E13  (2x100kW,2x50kW)
     v-Varna 43N03-27E40
     747-Petrich 41N42-23E18  (500kW)
     1224-Vidin 43N49-22E40  (500kW)
CAN: Sackville 45N53-64W19
CBG: Phnom Penh 11N34-104E51
CHL: Santiago 33S27-70W41
CHN: a-Baoji 34N30-107E10 (5x100kW)
     b-Beijing 39N57-116E27
     B-Beijing 39N55-116E25 (12x100kW,9x50kW)
     d-Dongfang (Hainan) 18N54-108E39 (150kW)
     e-Gejiu (Yunnan) 23N21-103E08
     g-Gannan (Hezuo) 35N06-102E54
     h-Hohhot (Nei Menggu) 41N12-111E30
     j-Jinhua 28N07-119E39
     k-Kunming (Yunnan) 25N10-102E50
     ka-Kashi (Kashgar) (Xinjiang) 39N30-76E00
     L-Lingshi (Shanxi) 36N52-111E40 (6x100kW)
     n-Nanning (Guangxi) 22N47-108E11
     q-Ge'ermu (Qinghai) 36N24-94E59 (100kW)
     qq-Qiqihar 47N02-124E03 (500kW)
     s-Shijiazhuang (Hebei) 38N04-114E28 (5x50kW)
     t-Tibet (Lhasa) 29N30-90E59
     u-Urumqi (Xinjiang) 43N35-87E30 (6x500kW)
     x-Xian (Shaanxi) 34N12-108E54
     6075-Yushu (Qinghai)
     603-Guangdong 684-Dongfang 1296-Kunming
     Regional Stations: Fuzhou:26N06-119E24 Lhasa:29N30-90E59
      Nanchang:28N38-115E56 Nanjing:32N02-118E44 Nanning:32N02-108E11
      Qinghai: Xining 36N38-101E36
CLN: DW: Trincomalee 08N44-81E10 (SW 3 x 250kW, MW 400kW)
     R.Japan/SLBC: Ekala 07N06-79E54
     RL/VoA: Iranawila 07N32-79E30
CTR: Gene Scott: Cahuita 09N45-82W54
     REE: Caiari de Porocí 10N00-83W30
CUB: La Habana (Bauta) 23N00-82W30
CVA: Santa Maria di Galeria 42N03-12E19 except:
     v-Citta del Vaticano 41N54-12E27
CYP: Zygi (Limassol) 34N43-33E19
     Bayrak: Yeni Iskele 35N13-33E55
CZE: Litomysl 49N48-16E10
D:   b-Biblis 49N41-08E29
     h-Holzkirchen 47N52-11E44
     j-Juelich 50N57-06E22     (     100kW)
     L-Lampertheim 49N36-08E33
     n-Nauen 52N38-12E54       ( 4 x 500kW)
     w-Wertachtal 48N05-10E41  (13 x 500kW)
     603-Berlin 1197-Muenchen 1323-Wachenbrunn/Thuringia
     6005,6190: Berlin 52N30-13E20
     6030,7265: Muehlacker 48N57-08E51
     6085: Ismaning 48N15-11E45
DNK: Karup 56N18-09E10
E:   Noblejas 39N57-03W26
EGY: a-Abis 31N10-30E05
     m-Mokattam 30N03-31E15
     z-Abu Zaabal 30N16-31E22
ETH: R.Ethiopia: Geja Jewe 08N47-38E38
F:   Issoudun 46N57-01E59
FIN: YLE: Pori 61N28-21E35
     Scand.Weekend R.: Virrat 62N23-23E37
G:   r-Rampisham 50N48-02W38
     s-Skelton 54N44-02W54
     w-Woofferton 52N19-02W43
     648,1296-Orfordness (SE coast)
GAB: Moyabi 01S40-13E31
GEO: Dusheti 42N03-44E41
GNE: Bata 01N48-09E46
GRC: Kavala (40N52-24E50) except a-Avlis (38N23-23E36)
     1260-Rhodos 36N18-28E00
GUF: Montsinery 04N54-52W36
GUM: AWR: Station KSDA, Agat, 13N20-144E39
     KTWR: Agana 13N17-144E40
     AFRTS: Barrigada 13N34-144E50
HNG: Jaszbereny 47N35-19E52
HOL: Flevo 52N21-05E27
HRV: Deanovec 45N41-16E27
HWA: Naalehu 19N02-155W40
     AFRTS: Pearl Harbour 21N25-158W09
I:   RAI,VoM: Roma (Prato Smeraldo) 41N48-12E31 except
     c-Caltanissetta 37N30-14E04
     AWR: Forli 44N13-12E03
     IRRS: Milano 45N27-09E11
IND: a-Aligarh 28N00-78E06
     b-Bangalore (Doddaballapur) 13N14-77E13
     c-Chennai(ex Madras) 13N08-80E07
     d-Delhi (Kingsway) 26N45-77E12
     g-Gorakhpur 23N52-83E28
     k-Delhi(Khampur) 28N43-77E38
     m-Mumbai (ex Bombay) 19N11-72E49
     p-Panaji (ex Goa) 15N28-73E51
     w-Guwhati 26N11-91E50
     Regional Stations:
      Port Blair-Brookshabad(5kW):11N37-92E45
INS: Jakarta (Cimanggis) 06S12-106E51
IRN: a-Ahwaz 31N20-48E40
     k-Kamalabad 35N46-51E27
     m-Mashhad 36N15-59E33
     s-Sirjan 29N27-55E41
     z-Zahedan 29N28-60E53
ISL: Reykjavík 64N05-21W50
     AFRTS: Grindavík 63N50-22W26
ISR: Yavne 31N52-34E45
J:   Yamata 36N10-139E50
JOR: Al Karanah 31N44-36E26
KAZ: Almaty (Alma Ata, Dmitrievka) 43N17-77E00
     k-Karaturuk 43N39-77E56
KGZ: Bishkek 42N54-74E37
KOR: Kimjae 35N50-126E50 except:
     h-Hwasung 37N13-126E47
KRE: k-Kanggye 40N58-126E36
     p-Pyongyang 39N05-125E23
     u-Kujang 40N05-125E05
KWT: Sulaibiyah 29N10-47E45
LAO: Vientiane 17N58-102E33
LTU: Sitkunai 55N02-23E49
LVA: Ulbroka 56N56-24E17
MCO: Mont Angel 43N44-07E26
MDA: Maiac near Grigoriopol 47N14-29E24
MDG: Talata Volonondry 18S43-47E37
MLA: Kajang 03N01-101E46
MLI: Bamako 12N39-08W01
MNG: Ulaanbaatar 47N55-107E00
MRA: RFA/RL/VoA: Tinian 15N03-145E36 except:
     s-Saipan (Agingan Point) 15N07-145E42
     KFBS: Marpi, Saipan 15N16-145E48
MRC: VoA/RL/RFE:Briech 35N34-05W58
     RTM:Tanger 35N48-05W55 except n-Nador 35N03-02W55
     Medi-1: Nador 35N03-02W55
NOR: k-Kvitsoy 59N04-05E27
     s-Sveio 59N37-05E19
NZL: Rangitaiki 38S50-176E25
OMA: Radio Oman: t-Thumrait 17N38-53E56
                 s-Seeb 23N40-58E10
     BBC: A'Seela 21N57-59E27
PAK: a-API1 Islamabad 100kW 33N27-73E12
     b-API2 Islamabad
     c-API3 Islamabad
     d-API4 Islamabad 100kW
     e-API5 Islamabad
     f-API6 Islamabad
     h-API8 Islamabad 100kW
     p-Peshawar 10kW
     r-Rawalpindi 10kW
PAL: Medorn 07N22-134E28
PHL: RL/Voa: Tinang 15N21-120E37 except:
     x-Tinang-2(portable) 15N21-120E38 (50kW)
     1143-Poro 16N26-120E17
     FEBC: Bocaue 14N48-120E55 except:
     i-Iba 15N22-119E57
     RVA, R Vaticana: Palauig,Zembales 15N28-119E50
     DUR2 9581: 14N41-120E59
POL: Warszawa 52N04-20E52
POR: DW: Sines 37N57-08W45 (3 x 250kW)
     RdP: Sao Gabriel(Lisboa) 38N45-08W40 except s-Sines.
PTR: Roosevelt Roads 18N23-67W11
ROU: t-Tiganesti 44N42-26E06
     g-Galbeni 46N44-26E50
     s-Saftica 50kW
RUS: a-Armavir/Tblisskaya/Krasnodar 45N00-40E49
     ar-Arkhangelsk 64N30-40E30
     b-Blagoveshchensk (Amur) 50N16-127E30
     c-Chita (Atamanovka) (S Siberia) 51N50-113E43
     e-Ekaterinburg (S Ural) 56N55-60E36
     i-Irkutsk (Angarsk) (S Siberia) 52N18-104E18
     k-Kaliningrad-Bolshakovo 54N54-21E43
     ka-Komsomolsk-na-Amur (Far East) 50N39-136E55
     kh-Khabarovsk (Far East) 48N33-135E15
     kr-Krasnoyarsk 56N01-92E54
     ku-Kurovskaya-Avsyunino (near Moscow) 55N34-39E09
     m-Moscow/Moskva 55N45-37E18 
     mu-Murmansk 68N58-32E46
     n-Novosibirsk (Oyash) 55N31-83E45 except for DW:
       Novosibirsk City 55N04-82E58
     p-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij (Yelizovo) 52N59-158E39
     s-Samara (Zhygulevsk) 53N17-50E15
     se-Serpukhov [actually Noginsk but Noginsk closed with start of A03] 54N54-37E25
     sp-St.Petersburg (Popovka/Krasnyj Bor) 59N39-30E42
     t-Taldom - Severnyj (near Moscow) 56N44-37E38
     v-Vladivostok (Razdolnoye) 43N32-131E57
     ya-Yakutsk 62N01-129E48
     ys-Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Vestochka) 46N55-142E54
     1260,1440: Moscow + St.Petersburg
RRW: Kigali 01S53-30E07 (4 x 250kW)
S:   Hoerby 55N49-13E44
SEY: Mahe 04S36-55E28
SNG: Kranji 01N25-103E44
SRL: SLBS: Goderich 08N30-13W14
STP: Pinheira 00N18-06E46
SUI: Sottens(Sion) 46N39-06E44
SVK: Rimavska Sobota 48N23-20E00
SWZ: Manzini 26S34-31E59
SYR: Adra 33N27-36E30
TCD: N'Djamena-Gredia
THA: RL/R.THA/VoA: Udon Thani 17N25-102E48 except:
     b-Bangkok / Prathum Thani(1575,4830,6070,7115) 13N47-100E30
     BBC: Nakhon Sawan 15N49-100E04
TJK: Yangi Yul (Dushanbe) 38N29-68E48
     801,972,1161: Orzu 37N32-68E42
TUN: Sfax 34N48-10E53
TUR: Emirler 39N29-32E51 except
     c-Cakirlar 39N58-32E40
TWN: h-Huwei 23N43-120E25
     k-Kouhu 23N35-120E10
     m-Minhsiung 23N29-120E27
     n-Tainan 23N11-120E38
     p-Paochung 23N43-120E18
     s-Tamsui 25N13-121E29
     t-Taipei (Pali) 25N05-121E27
UAE: Dhabbiya 24N11-54E14 except m-Makta 24N21-54E34
     UAE R Dubai: Dubai 25N14-55E16
UKR: Kiev/Brovary 50N31-30E46 except:
     L-Lviv (Krasne) (Russian name: Lvov) 49N51-24E40
     m-Mykolaiv (Kopani) (Russian name:Nikolayev) 46N49-32E14
     x-Kharkiv (Taranivka) (Russian name: Kharkov) 49N38-36E07
     657-Chernivtsi. 936-Krasne.
USA: d-Delano, CA 35N45-119W10
     g-Greenville, NC 35N35-77W22
     k-Key Saddlebunch, FL 24N34-81W45
     o-Okeechobee, FL 27N28-80W56
     w-via WWCR (see below)
     KAIJ: Dallas, TX 33N13-96W52
     KJES: Vado, NM 32N08-106W35
     KTBN: Salt Lake City, UT 40N39-112W03
     KVOH: Los Angeles (Rancho Simi), CA 34N15-118W38
     WBCQ: Monticello, ME 46N20-67W50
     WBOH: Newport, NC 34N47-76W56
     WEWN: Birmingham (Vandiver), AL 33N30-86W28
     WGTG: McGaysville, GA 34N58-84W22
     WHRA: Greenbush, ME 45N08-68W34
     WHRI: Noblesville, IN 40N01-85W57
     WINB: Red Lion (York), PA 39N54-76W35
     WJIE: Millerstown, KY 37N26-86W02
     WMLK: Bethel, PA 40N29-76W17
     WRMI: Miami (Hialeah Gardens), FL 25N54-80W22
     WRNO: New Orleans, LA 29N50-90W07
     WSHB: Cypress Creek, SC 32N41-81W08
     WTJC: Newport, NC 34N47-76W53
     WYFR: Okeechobee, FL 27N28-80W56
     WWBS: Macon, GA 32N50-83W38
     WWCR: Nashville, TN 36N13-86W54
     WWRB: Manchester / Morrison, TN 35N29-86W02
UZB: Tashkent 41N13-69E09
VTN: Sontay 21N12-105E22 except:
     d-Daclac 12N41-108E31
     h-Hanoi-Metri 20N59-105E52
     x-Xuan Mai 20N43-105E33
YEM: a-Al Hiswah/Aden 12N50-45E02
     s-Sanaa 15N22-44E11


MF - Monday through Friday
#  - First half of the broadcast only
     [Nur die erste Haelfte der Sendung]
$  - $econd half of the broadcast only
     [Nur waehrend der zweiten Haelfte der Sendung]
*  - VoA: Mo-Fr First half only; SaSu full length
          [Mo-Fr nur die erste Haelfte; am Wochenende ganze Sendung]
     BBC: Not the first 15 minutes of the hour
          [Nicht waehrend der ersten 15 Minuten]
@  - First 45 minutes only
     [Nur waehrend der ersten Dreiviertelstunde]
-  - Monday-Friday only
     [Nur Montag bis Freitag]
+  - Saturday and Sunday only
     [Nur am Wochenende]

Days: 1=MONDAY ... 5=FRIDAY ... 7=SUNDAY

Language codes:

* Language codes used in this file *

Numbers are number of speakers. 4m = 4 millions.
On the right in [brackets] the German translation, if significantly different.

-TS   Time Signal Station                                   [Zeitzeichensender]
A     Arabic                                                         [Arabisch]
AB    Abkhaz: Georgia (0.1m)                                       [Abchasisch]
AC    Aceh: Sumatera, Indonesia
AD    Adygea: Caucasus (0.2m)
ADI   Adi: India-Assam (0.4m)
AF    Afrikaans: South Africa, Namibia (6.4m)
AFA   Afar: Djibouti (0.3m), Ethiopia (0.45m), Eritrea (0.3m)
AFG   Pashto and Dari (main Afghan languages)
AH    Amharic: Ethiopia (20m)                                       [Amharisch]
AK    Akha: Burma (0.2m), China-Yunnan (0.13m)
AL    Albanian: Albania (Tosk)(3m), Macedonia/Yugoslavia (Gheg)(2m) [Albanisch]
ALG   Algerian (Arabic)
AM    Amoy: S China (25m), Taiwan (15m), SoEaAsia (5m); very close to TW-Taiwanese)
Ang   Angelus programme of Vaticane Radio
AR    Armenian: Armenia (3m), USA (1m), RUS,GEO,SYR,LBN,IRN,EGY     [Armenisch]
      AR-W: Western, AR-E: Eastern
ARO   Aromanian: Greece, Albania, Macedonia (0.1m)
ARU   Arunachal (India)
ASS   Assamese: Assam/India (14m)
ASY   Assyrian: Middle East (0.1m)                                  [Assyrisch]
ATS   Atsi / Zaiwa (Myanmar: 13,000; China: 70,000)
Aud   Papal Audience (Vaticane Radio)                     [Audienz des Papstes]
AV    Avar: Dagestan, S Russia (0.6m)                                [Awarisch]
AW    Awadhi: N&Ce India (20m)
AY    Aymara: Bolivia (2m)
AZ    Azeri: Azerbaijan (7m)                                [Aserbaidschanisch]
B     Brazilian (Portuguese dialect)                     [Brasil.Portugiesisch]
BAD   Badaga: India-Tamil Nadu (0.17m)
BAG   Bagri (India 1.7m, PAK 0.2m)
BAJ   Bajau: Malaysia-Sabah (50,000)
BAK   Baku (SE Asia)
BAL   Balinese: Bali / Indonesia (4m)                             [Balinesisch]
BAN   Banjar: Indonesia/Borneo (3m)
BAO   Baoule: Cote d'Ivoire (2m)
BAR   Bari: S Sudan (0.3m)
BAS   Bashkir:  Ce Russia (1m)                                   [Baschkirisch]
BAY   Bayash Romani / Gypsy (Serbia, Croatia)
BB    Braj Bhasa/Braj Bhasha: India (40,000)
BC    Baluchi: Pakistan (1m), Iran (0.5m), Afghanistan (0.2m)
BE    Bengali/Bangla: Bangladesh (100m), India (68m)
BEM   Bemba (Zambia)
BH    Bhili: Ce India (1.6m)
BHN   Bahnar (Vietnam)
BI    Bile: Eritrea-Keren (70,000)
BID   Bidayuh (Malaysia-Sarawak)
BIS   Bisaya (Malaysia-Sarawak)
BJ    Bhojpuri/Bihari: India (23m), Nepal (1.4m)
BK    Balkarian (Russian Caucasus)
BLK   Balkan Romani (Gypsy) (Bulgaria, 1m)                       [Roma-Sprache]
BLT   Balti: Pakistan (0.3m)
BM    Bambara: Mali (2.7m)
BNA   Borana Oromo: Ethiopia (4m)
BNG   Bangala (Ce Angola)
BNJ   Banjari / Gormati / Lambadi (India-Maharashtra,Karnataka,Andhra Pr.: 2m)
BOR   Boro / Bodo (India-Assam,W Bengal: 0.5m)
BOS   Bosnian (derived from Serbocroat) (4m)                         [Bosnisch]
BR    Burmese (Barma / Myanmar)                                    [Birmanisch]
BRA   Brahui: Pakistan (1.5m), Afghanistan (0.2m)
BRI   Brij (India)
Bru   Bru (Vietnam)
BSL   Bislama (Vanuatu)
BT    Black Tai / Tai Dam (Vietnam: 500,000)
BTK   Batak-Toba (Indonesia/Sumatra)
BU    Bulgarian: Bulgaria (8m), Moldova (0.36m), Ukraine (0.2m)    [Bulgarisch]
BUG   Bugis (Indonesia/Celebes/Sunda)
BUK   Bukharian (Central Asia - Uzbek??)
BUN   Bundeli / Bundelkhandi (India: 1m)
BUR   Buryat (South Siberia, similar to Mongolian)                 [Burjatisch]
BY    Byelorussian                                              [Weissrussisch]
C     Chinese (if not specified)                                   [Chinesisch]
CA    Cantonese / Yue  (South China 50m, others 15m)             [Kantonesisch]
CC    Chaochow (South China, close to TW-Taiwanese, AM-Amoy, SWT-Swatow)
CD    Chowdary/Chaudhry (India)
CH    Chin (not further specified)
C-A   Chin-Asho: Myanmar-Arakan Hills (10,000)
C-D   Chin-Daai (Myanmar)
      Chinyanja: See NY-Nyanja
CHE   Chechen (Chechnya, S Russia)                            [Tschetschenisch]
CHG   Chattisgarhi: India-Mad.Pr.,Orissa,Bihar (11m)
CHI   Chitrali
C-K   Chin-Khumi: Myanmar (77,000)
C-O   Chin-Thado (India)
CHR   Chrau (Vietnam)
CHT   Chatrali (Pakistan)
CHU   Chuwabu (Mozambique)
C-T   Chin-Tidim: Myanmar (0.2m), India (0.15m)
C-Z   Chin-Zomin / Zomi-Chin
CI    Circassic (Cherkessia, S Russia)                         [Tscherkessisch]
CKM   Chakma (India)
CKW   Chokwe: Angola (0.5m), DR Congo (0.5m)
COF   Cofan (Ecuador)
COK   Cook Islands Maori
CR    Creole  (Caribbean)                                           [Kreolisch]
CRU   Chru (Vietnam)
CT    Catalan: Spain, Andorra (31000)                             [Katalanisch]
CV    Chuvash (Chuvashia/Russia)                               [Tschuwaschisch]
CW    Chewa /Chichewa (Malawi)
CZ    Czech                                                       [Tschechisch]
D     German                                                          [Deutsch]
D-P   Lower German (Northern Germany, USA)                       [Plattdeutsch]
DA    Danish                                                         [Daenisch]
DD    Dhodiya (India)
DEG   Degar / Montagnard (Vietnam)
DH    Dhivehi (Maldives)
DI    Dinka (Sudan)
DIA   Dial Arabic (North Africa)
DN    Damara-Nama service in Namibia (Languages: Damara, Nama)
DO    Dogri-Kangri: N India (2m)
DR    Dari / Eastern Farsi: Afghanistan (6m), Pakistan (1m)
DU    Dusun (Malaysia-Sabah)
DUN   Dungan (Central Asia)
DY    Dyula (Africa)
DZ    Dzonkha: Bhutan (0.4m)
E     English
EC    Eastern Cham (Vietnam)
EDI   English, German, Italian
E-C   Col.English (S Sudan)
E-L   English Learning Programme (BBC)                    [Englisch-Sprachkurs]
EO    Esperanto
ES    Estonian                                                       [Estnisch]
Ewe   Ewe (Ghana)
F     French                                                     [Franzoesisch]
FA    Faroese                                                     [Faeringisch]
FI    Finnish                                                        [Finnisch]
FJ    Fijian
FON   Fon (West Africa)
FP    Filipino
FS    Farsi / Persian                                                [Persisch]
FT    Fiote (Angola-Cabinda)
FU    Fulani/Fulfulde (0.25m BFA, 0.3m BEN, 5m CME)
      Fujian: see TW-Taiwanese
GA    Garhwali: India-Kashmir,Uttar Pr. (2m)
GD    Greenlandic                                              [Groenlaendisch]
GE    Georgian                                                      [Georgisch]
GL    Galicic/Gallego (Spain)                                      [Gallizisch]
GM    Gamit: India-Gujarat (0.2m)
GO    Gorontalo (Indonesia)
GON   Gondi (India-Madhya Pr.,Maharashtra: 3m)
GR    Greek                                                        [Griechisch]
GU    Gujarati: India (43m)
GUA   Guaraní (Paraguay)
GUR   Gurage/Guragena: Ethiopia (1m)
HA    Haussa  (Nigeria)
HAD   Hadiya (Ethiopia)
HB    Hebrew  (Israel)                                             [Hebraeisch]
HD    Hindko (Pakistan)
HI    Hindi: India (180m)
HK    Hakka (South China 26m, TWN 2m, others 6m)
      Hokkien: see TW-Taiwanese
HM    Hmong (Vietnam)
HMA   Hmar (India - Assam,Manipur,Mizoram 50,000)
HMB   Hmong-Blue/Njua (Laos/Thailand)
HMW   Hmong-White/Daw (Laos/Thailand)
HN    Hani (S China)
HO    Ho (India)
HR    Croatian (Hrvatski)                                           [Kroatisch]
Hre   Hre (Vietnam)
HU    Hungarian                                                     [Ungarisch]
HUA   Huarani (Ecuador)
HZ    Hazaragi: Afghanistan (1.4m), Iran (0.3m)
I     Italian                                                     [Italienisch]
IB    Iban (Malaysia - Sarawak)
Ibo   Ibo (Africa)
IG    Igbo (Nigeria)
IN    Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia                               [Indonesisch]
INU   Inuktikut (Inuit language, Canada/Greenland)
IRQ   Iraqi
IS    Icelandic                                                   [Islaendisch]
J     Japanese                                                      [Japanisch]
Jeh   Jeh (Vietnam)
JG    Jingpho (SE Asia)
JL    Joula/Jula (West Africa)
JOR   Jordanian
JR    Jarai / Giarai / Jra (Vietnam)
JU    Juba (Arabic; Chad, Sudan)
JV    Javanese  (Java/Indonesia)
K     Korean                                                       [Koreanisch]
KA    Karen (Burma)
K-P   Karen-Pao (Burma)
K-S   Karen-Sgaw (Burma)
K-W   Karen-Pwo (Burma)
KAD   Kadazan (Malaysia - Sabah)
KAL   Kalderash Romani (Gypsy) (Romania)                         [Roma-Sprache]
KAB   Kabardino (Caucasus)
KAM   Kambaata (Ethiopia)
KAN   Kannada (South India)
KAO   Kaonde (Zambia)
KAR   Karelian (Russia, close to Finnish border).                   [Karelisch]
      Programme includes Finnish and Vespian parts.
KAT   Katu (Vietnam)
KAY   Kayan (Burma)
KB    Kabyle: Algeria (2.5m)                                 [Kabylisch/Berber]
KBO   Kok Borok/Tripuri: India (0.7m)
KC    Kachin (Burma)
KG    Kyrgyz /Kirghiz: Kyrgystan (2.5m), China (0.1m)              [Kirgisisch]
KH    Khmer: Cambodia (6m), Vietnam (0.7m)                    [Kambodschanisch]
KHA   Kham / Khams, Eastern (NE Tibet: 1m)
KHM   Khmu (Laos 400,000, Vietnam 40,000)
KIM   Kimwani (East Africa)
KiR   KiRundi: Burundi (0.45m)
KK    KiKongo/Kongo: DR Congo, Angola (3.5m)
KMB   Kimbundu/Mbundu/Luanda: Angola (3m)
KNK   KinyaRwanda-KiRundi service of the Voice of America / BBC
KNU   Kanuri: Nigeria (3m), Chad (0.1m), Niger,Cameroon (0.1m)
KO    Kosovar Albanian (Kosovo/Serbia)
KOH   Koho/Kohor (Vietnam)
KOM   Komering (Indonesia)
KON   Konkani (India)
KOY   Koya (India-Andhra Pr.: 300,000)
KPK   Karakalpak (W Uzbekistan)
KRB   Karbi / Mikir / Manchati (NE India: 0.5m)
KRI   Krio (Sierra Leone)
KRW   KinyaRwanda (Rwanda)
KS    Kashmiri: India (4m), Pakistan (0.1m)
KU    Kurdish
KuA   Kurdish and Arabic
KuF   Kurdish and Farsi
KUI   Kui (India)
KUL   Kulina (Brazil)
K/k   Kirmanji Kurdish
K/s   Sorani Kurdish
KUK   Kuki (India)
KUM   Kumaoni/Kumauni (India)
KUN   Kunama: Eritrea (0.14m)
KUR   Kurukh: India (2m)
KUT   Kutchi (India 800,000)
KWA   Kwanyama (Ce Angola)
KYK   Kayan/Kenyah (Malaysia-Sarawak)
KZ    Kazakh: Kazakhstan (7m), China (1m), Mongolia (0.1m)         [Kasachisch]
L     Latin                                                        [Lateinisch]
LA    Ladino (Hispanic Jewish lang.)
LAH   Lahu (China 400,000; Myanmar 150,000)
LAM   Lampung (Indonesia)
LAO   Lao                                                            [Laotisch]
LaS   Ladino and Spanish
LB    Lun Bawang / Murut (Malaysia-Sarawak)
LBO   Limboo (NE India)
LEP   Lepcha (NE India)
LHO   Lhotshampa (Bhutan)
LIM   Limba (Sierra Leone)
LIN   Lingala (Congo)
LIS   Lisu (Burma/S China)
LND   Lunda Ndembo (Angola)
LO    Lomwe (Mocambique)
LOZ   Lozi / Silozi (Zambia 500,000, ZWE+BOT 100,000)
LT    Lithuanian                                                    [Litauisch]
LTO   Oriental Liturgy of Vaticane Radio                      [Oestl.Lithurgie]
LU    Lunda (Angola)
LUC   Luchazi: Angola (0.24m), Zambia (0.05m)
LUN   Lunyaneka/Nyaneka: Angola (0.4m)
LUR   Luri (Iran)
LUV   Luvale (Angola)
LV    Latvian                                                        [Lettisch]
M     Mandarin (Standard Chinese / Beijing dialect)
MA    Maltese                                                      [Maltesisch]
MAD   Madurese (Madura / Indonesia)
MAG   Maghi/Magahi/Maghai (India)
MAI   Maithili / Maithali (India: 22m, Nepal: 2m)
MAK   Makonde (Tanzania/Mocambique)
MAL   Malayalam (South India)
MAM   Mamay / Rahanwein (Somalia)
MAO   Maori  (New Zealand)
MAR   Marathi (India)
MAS   Masaai/Massai/Masai (E Africa)
MAU   Mauchi / Mawchi (India-Gujarat,Maharashtra: 0.1m)
MC    Macedonian (2m)                                          [Maz(k)edonisch]
MCH   Mavchi/Mouchi (India-Gujarat,Maharashtra: 72,000)
MEI   Meithei/Manipuri: India (1.3m)
MEN   Mende (Sierra Leone)
MEW   Mewari/Mewadi (India)
MIE   Mien / Iu Mien: S China (0.5m), Vietnam (0.3m)
MKB   Minangkabau (Indonesia)
MKS   Makasar (Indonesia)
MKU   Makua / Makhuwa (N Mocambique)
ML    Malay: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (18m)                      [Malaiisch]
MLK   Malinke (West Africa)
MNO   Mnong: Vietnam (0.1m)
MO    Mongolian / Halh (MNG: 2m)                                   [Mongolisch]
MOc   Chinese / Peripheral Mongolian (N China: 3m)  
Mon   Mon (Burma)
MOO   Moore: Burkina Faso (4.5m)
MOR   Moro/Moru (S Sudan)
MR    Maronite
MRC   Moroccan (Arabic)
MRI   Mari (Russia)
MRU   Maru (Burma)
MSY   Malagasy  (Madagaskar)                                     [Madegassisch]
MUG   Mugrabian (North Africa)
MUN   Mundari: India (1.5m)
MUO   Muong (Vietnam)
MUR   Murut (Malaysia-Borneo)
MW    Marwari / Rajasthani (India)
MZ    Mizo (South Asia)
NAG   Naga-Makware (India/Burma)
NDA   Ndau (Mocambique)
NDE   Ndebele (S Africa/Zimbabwe)
NE    Nepali: Nepal (10m), India (6m)                             [Nepalesisch]
NG    Nagpuri / Sadani / Sadri (NE India: 2m)
NGA   Ngangela/Nyemba (Angola)
NIC   Nicobari (Nicobar Islands, India)
NIU   Niuean (Niue / S Pacific)
NL    Dutch (Nederlands)                                      [Niederlaendisch]
      Flemish is included here ;-)
NO    Norwegian                                                    [Norwegisch]
NP    Nupe (Nigeria)
NU    Nuer: Sudan (0.75m), Ethiopia (0.04m)
NUN   Nung (Vietnam)
NW    Newari (India)
NY    Nyanja / Chinyanja (Malawi 3m, Zambia 1m, ZWE+MOZ 1m)
OG    Ogan (Indonesia)
OH    Otjiherero service in Namibia (Languages: Herero, SeTswana)
OO    Oromo: Ethiopia (8m)
OR    Oriya / Orissa (India)
OS    Ossetic (Caucasus)                                            [Ossetisch]
OW    Oshiwambo service in Angola and Namibia (Languages: Ovambo, Kwanyama)
P     Portuguese                                                [Portugiesisch]
PAL   Palaung - Pale (Burma 300,000)
PED   Pedi (S Africa)
PF    Pashto and Farsi
PJ    Punjabi (India/Pakistan)
PO    Polish (Poland)                                                [Polnisch]
POT   Pothwari (Pakistan)
PS    Pashto / Pushtu: Afghanistan (8m), Iran (0.1m)
PU    Pulaar (Africa)
Q     Quechua: Bolivia (2.8m)
QQ    Qashqai
R     Russian                                                        [Russisch]
RAD   Rade/Ede (Vietnam)
REN   Rengao (Vietnam)
RH    Rahanwein (Somalia)
RO    Romanian                                                     [Rumaenisch]
ROG   Roglai (Vietnam)
ROM   Romanes (Gypsy)                                            [Roma-Sprache]
Ros   Rosary session of Vaticane Radio                             [Rosenkranz]
RWG   Rawang (Burma)
S     Spanish                                                        [Spanisch]
SAD   Sadari (India)
SAH   Saho: Eritrea, South (0.14m)
SAN   Sango (Central African Rep.)
SAS   Sasak (Indonesia)
SC    Serbo-Croat (Yugoslav language before the                [Serbokroatisch]
             national and linguistic separation)
SCA   Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish)
SD    Sindhi: Pakistan (17m), India (3m)
SED   Sedang (Vietnam)
SEF   Sefardi (Jewish language in Spain)
SEN   Sena (Mocambique)
SGA   Shangaan (Mocambique)
SGK   Sgaw Karan
SGO   Songo (Angola)
SHA   Shan (Burma)
SHk   Shan-Khamti (Burma)
SHC   Sharchogpa (Bhutan)
SHE   Sheena (Pakistan)
SHO   Shona (Zimbabwe)
SHP   Sherpa (India,Nepal: 30,000)
SHU   Shuwa (Arabic of Central Africa)
SI    Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
SID   Sidamo/Sidama (Ethiopia, Eritrea)
SIK   Sikkimese (NE India)
      Silozi: See LOZ-Lozi
SIR   Siraiki (Pakistan)
SK    Slovak                                                       [Slowakisch]
SLM   Solomon Islands Pidgin (Solomon Isl., S.Pacific)
SM    Samoan: Samoa (0.2m), USA (0.1m)
SNK   Sanskrit (India)
SNT   Santhali: India (5.5m), Bangladesh (0.15m)
SO    Somali
SON   Songhai: Mali (0.6m), Niger (0.4m), Burkina (0.1m)
SOT   SeSotho (Lesotho)
SOU   Sous (North Africa)
SR    Serbian                                                        [Serbisch]
SRA   Soura / Saurashtra (India-Tamil N.,Karnataka,Andhra Pr.: 300,000)
STI   Stieng: Vietnam (50,000)
SUD   Sudanese (Arabia)
SUN   Sundanese (Indonesia)
SV    Slovenian                                                    [Slowenisch]
SWA   Swahili  (Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda)                              [Kisuaheli]
SWE   Swedish                                                      [Schwedisch]
SWT   Swatow (China)
SWZ   SiSwati (Swaziland)
SYL   Syrian-Lebanese Arabic
T     Thai
TAG   Tagalog (Philippines)
TAH   Tachelhit (North Africa)
TAM   Tamil (South India / Sri Lanka)                               [Tamilisch]
TB    Tibetan: Tibet (1m), India (0.1m)                             [Tibetisch]
TEL   Telugu (South India)
TEM   Temme (Sierra Leone)
TFT   Tarifit (North Africa)
TGR   Tigre (Ethiopia/Eritrea) (not = Tigrinya)
THA   Tharu Buksa (India-Nainital: 20,000)
TIG   Tigrinya (Eritrea/Ethiopia)
TJ    Tajik                                                      [Tadschikisch]
TK    Turkmen                                                     [Turkmenisch]
TL    Tai-Lu / Lu (S China:250,000;BRM:200,000;others 100,000)
TM    Tamazight (North Africa)
TMJ   Tamajeq (West Africa)
TN    Tai-Nua / Chinese Shan (S China: 250,000; LAO,BRM: 200,000)
TNG   Tonga (Zambia)
TO    Tongan (Tonga, So.Pacific)
TOK   Tokelau (Tokelau, So.Pacific)
TOR   Torajanese (Indonesia)
TP    Tok Pisin (PNG pidgin)
TS    Tswana: Botswana (1m), South Africa (3m)
TSA   Tsangla: Bhutan (0.4m). Close to Sharchagpakha.
TSH   Tshwa (Mocambique)
TT    Tatar: Central Russia, Volga (7m)
TTB   Tatar-Bashkir service of Radio Liberty
TU    Turkish: Turkey (46m), Bulgaria (0.8m)                        [Tuerkisch]
TUL   Tulu (South India)
TUM   Tumbuka (Malawi)
TUN   Tunisian (Arabic)
TUR   Turki
TV    Tuva / Tuvinic  (Tannu-Tuva, S Siberia) and Russian           [Tuwinisch]
TW    Taiwanese / Fujian / Hokkien (CHN 25m, TWN 15m, others 9m)
Twi   Twi/Akan: Ghana (7m - Ashanti language)
TZ    Tamazight/Berber: Morocco (2m), Algeria (1m)
UD    Udmurt (Ce Russia)
UI    Uighur: China/Xinjiang (7m), Kazakhstan (0.2m)                [Uigurisch]
UK    Ukrainian                                                    [Ukrainisch]
UM    Umbundu: Angola (4m)
UR    Urdu: Pakistan (54m)
UZ    Uzbek (Southern Variant: 1m in Afghanistan)                   [Usbekisch]
V     Vasco (Basque / Spain)                                         [Baskisch]
Ves   Vespers (Vaticane Radio)                                         [Vesper]
Vn    Vernacular = local languages (maybe various)               [Lokalsprache]
VN    Vietnamese                                                [Vietnamesisch]
VV    Vasavi (India)
VX    Vlax Romani (Balkans)
W     Wolof (Senegal)
Wa    Wa (S China / Burma)
WE    Wenzhou (China)
WT    White Tai / Tai Don (Vietnam,Laos: 400,000)
WU    Wu (China - Jiangsu, Zhejiang: 80m)
XH    Xhosa (South Africa)
YAO   Yao (Mocambique)
Yi    Yi (S China: 6 Yi dialects of each 300-800,000)
YI    Yiddish (Jewish)                                               [Jiddisch]
YK    Yakutian / Sakha (Rep.Sakha, Siberia/Russia)                  [Jakutisch]
YO    Yoruba: Nigeria (20m)
YOL   Yolngu (NE Arnhem Land, NT, Australia; 7000 speakers)
Z     Zulu (South Africa)
ZA    Zarma/Zama (West Africa)
ZH    Zhuang: S China (2 Zhuang dialects of 10m and 4m)
      Zomi-Chin: see Chin-Zomi (C-Z)

I'm still waiting to include Klingon into this list...

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