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QIP - What is it ?, Instructions & Sources

Background information about the QSL Information Pages

QSL Information Pages QIP

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Samstag, 16. Mai 2020

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Sections inside this page : What is it ?, Submitting logs to QIP & Sources of QIP

What ist it ? : What are the QSL Information Pages ?

These pages contain BC-DX QSL-Information for DX'ers (compiled from various printed or Internet resources) from the beginning of the 90'ies until now. Most information are about SW, some on MW and FM and a few about LW. The stations in each region are arranged country by country in alphabetical order. And I'll decide on my own, what's a "country" and what's not !

These pages are not intended as a "veri-signer" list !  I want to present all the information about the QSL's / answers from the stations, like answering time, souvenirs, return postage and soon. These pages are intended as an archive about QSL received .. . since 1980. I started these pages in 1997 as a hobby-venture, at that time there were 'only tiny bits of texts, hard to read' (as a reader said after they were gone). The content and the layout are a little better now ... ! Since Jan 2003 I'm presenting the logs in 'columns'.

Your comments, suggestions and even contributions are very much wanted !

These pages are not for Utility stations, not for Beacons and not for those free/pirate radio stations. The only exception from official BC stations are Time Signal Stations, the Japanese 'Lighthouse' stations and of course Clandestine Stations. A few semi-pirate stations are inculded as well. (And since 2020 we have an NDB, since there is no other radio on that island).

Relay stations of large international broadcasters (active from different sites) as well as 'target programs' will be handled in a separate section at the end of the country where the transmitter is located.

I heavily rely on you, the readers! I don't know all. So, please do send me corrections if you'll find any errors, especially for all the local FM stations, that's very very difficult for me ... I hope to hear from you !


Instructions : How to submit my own QSL-logs ?

If you'll send me your own QSL logs, please be so kind to try to fulfill the following points (in order to make it easier for me !) : 

  • arrange the QSL logs after world-regions and inside the regions after the country-name in English

  • write the country name in the first line (no capital letters please), the station name in second line, the kind of service (Domestic or External or Relay or Clandestine) in the 3rd line, the qsl logs starts in the 4th line

  • the content of the QSL-log itself totally belongs to you, I'll not alter this !

  • end the QSL logs with your name, the ITU-country code of your location and the date (only month + year) you received that QSL (the date in a new line)

  • BC-DX QSL's from SW, MW, LW and FM welcome ! (no utlity, no pirate radio logs)

  • Your contribution will look like this in the end :

    Equatorial Guinea
    R Nacional Malabo
    Radio Nacional Malabo 6250, confirmed after follow up in 80 days with full data QSL, v/s Manuel Sobede, Inspector de Servicios de Radio TV. Return postage was .. and the address I used was ...
    direct to QIP
    Feb 1999

You can also send your qsl logs in a Excel-file. It should contain the following columns :


Here you can download a sample file for contributions : download QIP sample file (zip-version of an MS Excel file)

Please do not send any pictures, except pictures from Clandestine stations - these are very very welcome !

And even direct QSL-logs from the QSL-section-editors of the DX-clubs are a very helpful thing ! But please ask the main editor at first !


Sources : Where does QIP gets all these information ?

The source of the published logs are always given below the log. In all cases the date of the publication of that logs is added, he but that's not necessarily the date when the QSL was received. Please be aware that some printed magazines have long delays when reporting QSL logs (up to 3 or 4 months). In most cases I do not use abbreviations but the full names of the magazines or newsletters. Due to the different sources these pages enclose logs in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese and perhaps a few other languages.

'Main' sources of information are :

ADDX Kurier/wwh - Germany issues No 1998/21 - 2007/08
Mailingliste A-DXA-DX - Austria (ex ADXB-OE ML) mails since 1998
@-Tividade DX - DXCB - Brazil issues 0 - 361
BDXC - UK BDXC-UK - Great Britain issues 2002/04 - 2007/12
CIDX CIDX - Canada 98/06+07, 98/09-12, 1999/02 - 2007/07
Conexion Digital - Argentina issues No 1 - 441
Cumbre DX - USA (incl. Jihad DX) issues No 62 - 419
Cumbre-DX- Mailing List - USA mails since 2001
Dxing Mid America -USA until 2007-02-05
DXplorer-Mailing-List - USA mails since 2001 HCDX - Mailing List - USA mails since 1998
Japan Premium - Japan issues No 08/98 - 495
Norwegian DX News - Norway issues 1996/01 - 2006/02
ODXA QSL Album - Canada issues No 98/02, 99/03, 2000/10- 2007/08
PLAY - DX PLAY-DX - Italy issues No 988 - 1176 + April 2003 + 2004+2005

'Additional' sources 'are' or 'were' : - Finland logs until Oct 22, 2004
Webpage Arvid Husdal - Norway until April 14, 2005
Webpage Bjarne Mjelde - Norway until April 11, 2005
QSL-List Dieter Kraus - Germany until May 2012
AM DX NewsFlash - USA issues 3-40 - 7-17
Australian Radio DX-Club - Australia  ADXN 437, 443, 458
BC-DX (Bueschel Calling DX) - Germany issues No 150 - 828
Conexion Digital - Mailing List - Argentina mails since 2000
Clandestine Radio Watch Clandestine Radio Watch - Germany issues No 1 - 239
Dateline Bogota (web page) - Sweden 1993-1998
DDXLK - Denmark 08-98, 11-98, 12-98, 05-99 & 09-99
DXA - Mailing List - Belgium mails since 2000
DX Clube do Brasil - Brazil issue No 00/07, 2001/1 - 2003/10
DX Connection (GAMT) - Italy issue Dec. 1998
DXLD (Glen Hauser) - USA issues No 0-000 - 7-122
DX Window - Denmark online issues No 1 until closure in 1999, 282-335
Eastside DX - Germany issues No 1 - 20
EAWRC Bulletin - Germany issues 282-338
EDXP - Newsletter - Australia issues No 115 - 245
EDXP - Mailing List - Australia mails mid 2000-2002
Euronews (R.Kotalampi) - Finland a few issues from 1992/93
Gatflash ! - Italy issues No 102 - 154
Globe-Radio-DX - Mailing List - India mails since Aug 2001
H.J.Brustmann (web page) - Germany 1997-99
IBSI (Indonesian BC Stations Info) - Indonesia since 1999
J.Dybka (web page) - USA Oct. 2000
Jembatan DX - Japan issues No 19 - 145
Laporan-DX - Indonesia issues No 07/1998 - 08/2002
Listening Points - Japan issues No 1/1998 - 10/2001
MA-DX-mailing list - Germany issues since 2003
MNOL (GRAL) - Italy issues No 04/2000 - 03/2001
MWDX - Mailing List - Norway issues since Jan 2001
Norwegian FM News - Norway issues No 134-153 162-168
NTT (KWRS) - Germany issues since 1997
Numero Uno - USA issues No 1475 - 1636
Radio News (M.Rodriguez)-Venezuela a few issues from 1993
Radioescutas - Mailing List - Brazil issues since Jan 2001
RadioMundo - Uruguay issues 02 - 21
RHCI-Kurier - Germany issues No 96 and 97
Riga DX 2006-07 - 2007-08
RMRC (web page) - Germany 1999
S.Mannelli (web page) - Italy 1996-99
Signal DX - Russia issues No 1 - 173
SWL News (AGDX) - Germany a few issues from 1993/94
The Four Winds (TFW) - Italy issues No 1 - 112
UDXL (web page) - India 1999
WDXC Newsletter - Great Britain issues from Jan.1996 - Dec 2001
Weltempfang - Mailing List - Germany mails since 2001
Yokohama DX - Japan issues No 1 - 68
Z.Liangas - Webpage - Greece 1996-99

Personal contributions from the following DX'ers :

Akbar Indra Gunawan-INS, Alessandro Groppazzi-I, Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, Alexander Ogorodnik-BLR, Alokesh Gupta-INS. Andrey <Andy> Voloshko-UKR, Antonio Javier Pérez Baldo-E, Alvin Mirabal-PRT, Andreas Spiegel-D, Andree Bollin-D, Arild Skalmeraas-NOR, Arnaldo Slaen-ARG, Artur Fernández Llorella-E, Arvid Husdal-NOR

Bakhrul Effendy-?, Barry Davies-G, Bernhard Hein-D, Bernt-Ivan Holmberg-S, Bill Harms-USA, Bjarne Mjelde-NOR, Björn Fransson-S, Brian Hopkins-USA, Brian Smith-USA, Bruce F. Elving-USA 
Caio Fernandes Lopes-B, Carlo Invernizzi-SUI, Carlos Felipe-B, César Perez Dioses-PRU, César Rojas Gordillo-PRU, Christian Diemoz-I, Christian Raible-D, Craig A. Edwards-AUS, Curt Deegan-USA

Dan Henderson-USA, Dan Malloy-USA, Dan Robinson-USA, Daniel L. Srebnick-USA, Daniele Canonica-SUI, Daniel H.Friese-D, Dario Monferini-I, Dave Kenny-G, Dave Onley-HOL, Dave Valko-USA, Davide Tambuchi-I, Dick van der Knaap-HOL, Dieter Kraus-D, Dimitris Mylonopoulos-GRC, Dmitry Mezin-RUS

Eckhard Röscher-D, Ed Tilbury-ALS, Edson Cecílio-B, Eduardo Peñailillo Barra-CHL, Edward Kusalik-CAN, Eike Bierwirth-D, Emmanuel Ezeani-NIG, Enzio Gehrig-E, Eric Zhou-CHN, Erich Bergmann-D, Ewald Glantschnig-SUI

Fabrizio Carnevalini-I, François-Xavier Lesaulnier-F, Frank Halaburak-CAN, Frank Hunger-D, Freddy Hjalmarson-S,

Gabriel Ivan Barrera-ARG, Ge Huijbens-BEL, George Maroti-USA, Germanas Politikas-LTU, Gert Nilsson-S, Giampiero Bernardini-I, Greg Myers-USA, Guido Schotmans-BEL, Guillermo German Barrionuevo-B, Gunter Monz-D

Hannu Romppainen-FIN, Hans-Dieter Buschau-D, Hansjoerg Biener-D, Harald Süss-AUT, Hartmut Wolff-D, Harusaka Yokoi-J, Hector Frias-CHL, Henrik Klemetz, Henry Peters-HOL, Hugo Matten-BEL

Ian Biggar-G, Ian Baxter-AUS, Igor Zhurkin-RUS, Ivan Beretic-YUG

J.D. Stephens-USA, Jari Savolainen-FIN, Jeff Weston-G, Jilly Dybka-D, Jim Pogue-USA, Jim Renfrew-USA, Joachim Stiller-D, Joe Talbot-CAN, John L.Sgrulletta-USA, Jonathon Pukila-ON-CAN, Jouni Keskinen-FIN, José Miguel Romero-E, Joseph B.Miller-USA, Juan Franco Crespo-E, Juha-Matti Rantanen-FIN, Jukka Soini-FIN, Jürgen Waga-D, Jyrki Hytönen-JPN, J.Nishikawa-JPN,

Kari Tuominen-FIN, Karl Leite-B, Kay Richter-D, Kenji Hashimoto-JPN, Kent Winrich-USA
Lennart Weirell-S, Leonardo Santiago-CHL, Leslie Nice-?, Lothar Klepp-D, Luca Botto Fiora-I, Luis Paz Nelo-VEN

Manfred Reiff-D, Manfred Womes-F, Manuel Méndez-E, Marcel Kurtz-F, Marcelo Toniolo-B/USA/NZL, Márcio Roberto Polheim da Silva-B, Marco Bauer-D, Mark Schiefelbein-USA, Martin Elbe-D, Martin Gremoliche-ARG, Masahiro Tsuyoshi-J, Matthias Zwoch-D, Mauricio Molano Sánchez-E, Max van Arnhem-HOL, Michael Grill-D, Michael Procop-USA, Michael Sander-D, Mickey Delmage-CAN, Mika Harkas-FIN, Mohamed Kallel-TUN, Mukesh Kumar-IND

Nicholas Cachia-MLT, Nicolas Eramo-ARG, Niki Stanciu-ROU, Nino Marabello-I

Olli-Jukka Paloneva-FIN, 

Patrick Robic-AUT, Paul Bailey-AUS, Paul Gager-AUT, Paul Ormandy-NZL, Pertti Äyräs-FIN, Peter Vaegler-D,

Ralf Ladusch-D, Raimo Lonka-FIN, Ralf Bessler-D, Reijo Alapiha-FIN, Richard Jary-AUS, Rick Barton-USA, Roberto Pavanello-I, Rodolfo Tizzi-URG, Ron Howard-USA, Ross Comeau-USA, Rudolf Sonntag-D, Russell Lay-USA, Ruslan Sakaviec-BLR, Ruud Vos-HOL, R.C.Watts-USA

Scott R Barbour Jr.-USA, Sean Paul Talbot-BRM, Sebastian Alexander Walzog-D, Sergey M. Kolesov-UKR, Simon-Peter Liehr-D, Steve Lare-USA, Stu Forsyth-NZL

Thomas M. Rösner-D, Thomas Völkner-D, Tony Vaughan-G, Tooru Gouhara-JPN
Uwe Volk-D,

Vesa Hienonen-FIN, Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen-FIN, Vladimir Doroshenko-UKR

Wendel Craighead-USA, Will Phillips-G, William Flynn-USA, Winter Monges-VEN, Wolfgang Fiedler-D

Yimber Gaviria-CLM, Yufu Uemura-J
Zacharias Liangas-GRC

Further QSL-logs (personal logs or from additional or older magazines) are very welcome. When sending logs from magazines please make sure, that you are allowed to forward that material. In the tables above you can see, which information are included, and of course I'm still looking for the QSL-logs of all missing issues of the mentioned magazines above !